What you need to know if you want to pass the Microsoft 70-535 exam and get Azure Certification

You can say many things about the IT industry, but remaining unchanged is not one of them. In fact, the opposite is true: the IT sector is one of the most fast-changing industries you can choose to work in.

Which means, if you’re an IT specialist, you need to keep your skills and certification up to date if you want to remain competitive in the job market. And this is even more important if you work in cloud computing.

If you’re in the cloud computing sector, you may want to look at acquiring a MicrosoftAzure certification. The MicrosoftAzure platform is rising in popularity – a trend that looks set to continue. Here’s what you need to know about the 70-535 Az-103 – Replaced exam, one of the most popular Microsoft Azure tests.

An overview of the new Microsoft role-focused certifications

Microsoft provides a clear certification track that is akin to a pyramid. The Microsoft certification ladder starts with the Fundamental certifications that verify the candidate’s basic IT knowledge. The Associate-level certifications are next in line and they validate the candidate’s advanced skills in different aspects of Microsoft technologies and products.

The professional certification ladder is completed by the Expert-level credentials that depictexceptionalproficiency in your area of specialization.

Microsoft also recently introduced a new certification program that assumes a more job-specific approach. These are role-focused certifications. And currently, Microsoft offers two paths to attaining their credentials: the technology path or the job-focused path. 

The technology/product platform offers plenty of options including Applications, WindowsServer, and SQLServer. The job-role path, meanwhile, also provides plenty of options that befit Data Scientists, Developers, Administrators, and AI Engineers. 

This post is dedicated to Microsoft 70-535 exam, one of the two tests that you need to pass to become an Azure Solutions Architect Expert.

What is the Microsoft 70-535 exam?

Like all Microsoft certification exams, the 70-535 exam aims to validate your skills and help you stand out from your competitors. This is a qualifying exam for the high-level Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification.

However, to get certified, you must pass not only the 70-535 exam but also AZ-302 transition test. Passing exam 70-535 is a necessary prerequisite for accessing exam AZ-302.

In other words, AZ-302 is the transition exam which is intended for candidates who had previously taken the 70-535 exam, and taking the AZ-302 test alone will not earn you the said Microsoft Azure certification.

It is worth remembering that the 70-535 is set to retire in the near future. It will be substituted by exams AZ-300 and AZ-301, and you will need to take and pass these two tests to obtain the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert credential.

However, 70-535 and AZ-302 are still offered, and if you want to validate your skills related to the Microsoft Azure platform, you can opt for these two tests without any concerns.

Microsoft 70-535 exam details

The Microsoft 70-535 exam costs $165 per attempt. It uses only Azure technology and is currently offered in the English language. This exam verifies your knowledge and skills related to the following major domains within the Azure infrastructure:

  • DesigningData Implementation, Identity Solutions, and Security Solutions.
  • DesigningCompute Infrastructure and Networking Implementation.
  • DesigningSolutions by Using Platform Services.
  • Designingfor Operations.

Who should take the Microsoft 70-535 exam?

Candidates for exam 70-535 should be familiar with hybrid cloud solutions, cloud migration, cloud native, and deployment requirements of the solution lifecycle. It is highly recommended that exam candidates should have experience in provisioning Azure resources,designing resilient workloads, and using DevOps technologies.

Which IT websites can help you prepare for your 70-535 exam?

There are many IT websites that will help you register a passing score in your 70-535 test. All exam candidates should visit the Microsoft official website to find effective study materials for exam success before scheduling the test. The advantage of vendor-provided training resources is that they are created to satisfy every schedule and preparation needs.

If you want to put your knowledge to the test and identify your strengths and weaknesses before scheduling the exam, then you can take the official practice test for exam 70-535. 

If you need a valid and dependable reference book for exam success, then look for Exam Ref: 70-535 Architecting MicrosoftAzure Solutions. This material covers all the exam concepts in details to ensure you are fully prepared to pass your 70-535 test effortlessly.

Finally, you can use the Microsoft instructor-led training platform to interact with certified Azure experts who offer training courses that can help you achieve a passing score.

Can the PrepAway website help you with Microsoft 70-535 exam preparation?

On the PrepAway website you’ll find a choice of free and paid study materials for Microsoft 70-535 exam and other tests. You can also download free 70-535 questions to kickstart your exam preparation journey.

All the exam questions are verified and updated for you to succeed in the exam. Don’t forget to download the ETE software that simulates the actual exam testing environment to ensure you are fully equipped to pass your test at the first attempt.

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