What you need to know about the DV Program: From application to results

Each year the U.S government has a quota of 55,000 diversity visas to give to immigrants from across the globe. All winners are randomly chosen through a drawing and then invited for an interview at the local embassy.

Learn all the important information you need to about the registration form by reading this article. 

Who can apply for the DV program? 

Once the registration is open, applicants from a large number of countries can enter the draw to win a green card. Most European, Oceanic, African and Asian countries are included in the program, but it’s better to check first to make sure you are applying from an eligible country. 

To qualify you need to meet the requirements:

  • Be 16 years old and over
  • Have a valid US high school diploma or a foreign one
  • Your birth country should be on the list of DV Program participating countries 
  • A bonus is if you have work experience in one of the Diversity Visa eligible occupations. Find the list on the Department of Labor website
  • Add a decent photo to your application that represents your current appearance and is compatible with DV Lottery photo.

Where Can I Find the DV Application Form? 

The registration form becomes available at the beginning of October and you may find it on the official DV Program government website. 

When you start your application, you can only fill it in once with no option for further changes. So be clear and honest with your answers, it may increase your chances of winning in the interview step. 

Can I improve my chances of winning a green card?

Not really, but if you are married your spouse can enter the draw as well by submitting a separate application, which doubles your chances. 

Common mistakes in a DV program application

At least half of participants receive a rejection notice for having wrong information entered in their form. Avoid them by following the simple rules and you should be fine:

  1. If you reside in a different country, you should still enter your birth country as the country of eligibility. If it’s not on the list, you are allowed to put your spouse’s or parents country in to claim eligibility
  2. Don’t forget to enter data about your children if you have any. Leaving out any important details can be a crucial mistake and result in rejection by the embassy
  3. Residents of countries where patronymics are common, should put it into the middle name section. Don’t leave a blank space.
  4. If you don’t have a mailing address, either put down any that’s not taken or your parents’ or friend’s address. Always enter the names correctly in the ‘In Care Of’ field.
  5. Check the spelling for your country using Google for the most common and modern one to match the information the authorities have.
  6. Test all your obtained knowledge by filling a copy of the real DV Program form online. Not only does it let you come back to your saved results, but it allows you to properly prepare your answers for when the time comes for completing the actual application of the original form. 

Where can I find the DV Program results?  

For the Diversity Visa Program 2023, you will be able to see the results on the official DV Lottery website, when they are out in May 2022, via the entrant status check.