What you can learn from Jessica Alba’s skincare regimen for mums

Jessica Alba has been named one of the sexiest people on the planet by dozens of publications, from AskMen to People.

Now a 38-year-old mother of three, Alba has maintained her youthful beauty, and this is due in large part to Shani Darden, Alba’s aesthetician who introduced the then-pregnant actress to several amazing products.

As a result, Alba has a powerhouse regimen that,  although invaluable to all kinds of women, is especially relevant to mothers. Here’s what we can learn from Jessica’s skincare routine.

The skincare basics

According to Darden, three of the biggest skincare mistakes that people make are getting too much sun, using products that dry out their skin, and not washing their face.

Since Darden has been working with Alba for 13 years, it’s safe to say that Alba has these basics pretty much memorised. Because Alba has been photographed at the beach on numerous occasions, Darden doesn’t imply that direct sunlight should be eliminated; just that it should be minimised  unless you’re wearing sunscreen

Although washing your face might seem like a no-brainer, some aestheticians recommend the opposite – but not Darden. After washing her face, Alba applies facial oil from her beauty line to prevent dryness.

The Honest beauty facial

Jessica Alba launched the Honest skincare line in 2015. Its products include organic facial oil, eye cream, face cream, cleansers, clearing night serum, soothing daily moisturiser, and a mud mask, all of which combine to create what

Jessica calls them an “Honest Beauty Facial.” These products provide the deep-pore cleaning, anti-ageing, skin-brightening and detoxification that  facials provide – but from the comfort of your own home. Alba stands by these “safe and effective” products, and says that she uses them on herself.  

Retinol reform

The key to Alba’s enduring youth and beauty is apparently Retinol Reform, which is a product from Darden’s own line that she launched in 2013. It contains retinol and lactic acid: compounds that purport to increase collagen, reduce wrinkles and stretch marks, and even out skin colour.

According to Darden, it can also fix blemishes. Alba states that the product changed her life. She is now an advocate for the  skincare benefits of retinol, and her own Honest line contains multiple retinol products.    

Jessica Alba is one of the most stunning mothers in the world, and she’s clearly doing skincare right. With the long-time help of Hollywood aesthetician Shani Darden, Alba established a regimen that emphasises moisturising, facials, and retinol – tools all mothers can use for Alba-esque skin.  

Photo by Park Street