What would you do if you had £10 million?

What’s your answer to the £10 million question? And what does it reveal about you and your deepest desires? Find out how imagining you’re rich can help you find your true path in life.

Remember the Abba song Money Money Money? Or more specifically, the line:

All the things I could do
If I had a little money.

Well what if you did have a little money? And not just a little money – what if you had all the money you could ever need? What would you do?

That’s exactly what Katie Phillips from Daring & Mighty is challenging you to do in this week’s Love yourself wealthy blog.

Imagine you had £10 million

What would you do if you had £10 million? Imagine you had that sum just sitting in your bank account, awaiting orders. Just take a moment and imagine how it would feel. How would you behave? What would you think? What would you do?

How would having £10 million at your disposal change how you handle particular situations? What things would you do differently?

Your answers may surprise you

Sometimes the answers to these questions are more surprising than we think. That’s because we often allow our current circumstances dictate our potential future – instead of creating a vision of our future shaped around what we actually, authentically desire.

My business coach Gina DeVee asked me to do a similar exercise in which I had to answer the following questions, imagining that I had £10 million in the bank:

  • The decisions I make today are:
  • I am behaving in my business like this:
  • I am thinking:
  • I am purchasing:
  • I am choosing to:
  • I am travelling to:
  • I have the following support:

How would your life be different?

How would your life change if you had £10million sitting in your bank account? Would you be on TV? Go traveling? Do a modelling shoot? Get a stylist? Hire a personal chef? Start a charity?

Sometimes we keep our desires a secret because we are too worried about how socially acceptable they are. We worry about how others will perceive us and so we suppress our authentic desires in order to be acceptable in the eyes of others.

But I challenge you now to get a pen and paper and take a few minutes to write down your answers to the questions above. And be honest – really feel what it would be like to have that money and consider what you would really let go of, and what you would reach towards (you don’t need to show anyone!).

Your answers may surprise you as you get to know your truest desires. How proud will you feel when you realise them? Just take a minute to feel that emotion.

It’s all about permission

In many ways this is a permission exercise. What do you give yourself permission to be, do and have?

For me, that permission is all about support. When I was truly honest with myself about my own deepest desires, feeling strongly supported became a non-negotiable. Over the past year or so, I have spent a lot of my income on support and coaching – from a business manager, accountant and PA, to a cleaner and a speaking coach. I am undertaking coaching accreditation, and have an account set up with the local taxi company.

All of this helps me to feel supported in what I do, which in turn raises my vibration incredibly. It helps me to go to the next level – to envisage a bigger future and see it manifest. The result of this is that I feel an immense sense of pride. I am so proud of myself for daring to have the support that I desire.

What’s your authentic vision?

And what about you? What is your authentic vision? What would you do and be with £10 million in the bank? How closely are you living to your vision? Are you taking action towards realising it or do you feel somehow held back or unable to step up and claim your worth?

Whether you have £10 million in the bank or not, when you are authentically living your vision in life, you are wealthy beyond many people’s wildest dreams.

Katie Phillips is the founder of Daring & Mighty, an organisation committed to sharing the importance of having a healthy, loving and conscious relationship with yourself.