What we learned from Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny on switching from toxic to natural makeup

Love to give your makeup bag a fresh and healthy makeover? Find out why Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny believes you should switch to natural makeup.

Most makeup wearers are not aware of the toxicity of traditional products. And many wear drugstore products for years before discovering the damage they could be doing to their health. 

In this interview, Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny explains how we can adopt a natural skincare and makeup routine that will give us a fresh, attractive look, while preserving our health and safety. If you like Amanda’s advice you can share it with your friends using gbwhatsapp.

What makes makeup toxic?

One of the most serious problems in the makeup industry is the use of parabens. These ingredients have been used for decades in the United States. Since 2003, scientists have been aware that parabens can disrupt the endocrine system. This makes them especially dangerous for young makeup wearers.

Another problematic product on the market today is sunscreen. Sunscreen is supposed to help protect people from cancer, but some sunscreen ingredients could cause cancer on their own. Ingredients like oxybenzone, a hormone disruptor, can be replaced with natural mineral ingredients like zinc and titanium oxide.

Other ingredients that make mainstream makeup dangerous are talc and petroleum derivatives like mineral oil. Low-quality talc can even be contaminated with asbestos.

Why should we change to a natural beauty regimen?

After finding out how many dangerous ingredients are in their favorite products, many people become discouraged. Some are even tempted to stop wearing makeup altogether. But they soon come to realize that makeup is important to how they view themselves, and helps them feel good about their appearance.

So I show them how to switch from toxic makeup to natural makeup. This process can help anyone who is trying to improve their health and look their best at the same time.

The Think Dirty app can be a big help in showing you which products contain dangerous ingredients. It is a good idea to throw away everything that scores seven or higher and to get rid of all products containing carcinogens.

Don’t forget to check skincare, nail polish, shampoo, conditioner, perfume, and hair spray for toxins. Anything you are putting on your body each day can add up to dangerous exposure over time.

I had a similar scary experience when I looked at my own skincare routine. For example, my favorite body wash by Aveeno was a filthy product and I had no idea! Discovering it was scored a disgusting 10/10 and crawling with carcinogens and other toxic chemicals, I had to throw it out asap.

When you have found the products in your makeup bag that score 8, 9, or 10 on the Think Dirty app, you will want to start replacing them. I was shocked when I found out that some of my favorite brands like L’Oreal were loaded with carcinogens.

The highest-priority products to change are the ones you use every day. Pay special attention to facial moisturizer and foundation. While the amounts of dangerous chemicals in these products may be low, repeated exposure over months and years can cause serious problems.

It is a good idea to replace one product a week with something better. This will spread out the cost of replacing your entire makeup and skincare collection.

How can you find replacement products?

It can be hard to find quality natural makeup brands. They are generally not carried by big-name brick-and-mortar beauty stores like Sephora and Ulta Beauty. You often have to look online.

But the problem with buying makeup online is that you can’t see the product firsthand and you can’t try it on your skin to see how it looks. Many online makeup companies will send you small samples of their products.

So it was important to me that the Organic Bunny’s website, as well as my blog and recommendations made it really easy to shop for natural products. Everything on my website has been selected for its safety and effectiveness. It is fun to shop for new makeup and skincare on the site, and customers tell me that they feel much better about their purchases knowing that they are safe.

How has your customers’ skin changed natural products?

Here’s what one customer told me about her experience of switching to natural products:

“Since changing over to all-natural beauty products, I have noticed some amazing changes in my skin. The process didn’t start smoothly, though, and I thought I was making a big mistake when my skin suddenly turned much oilier than it had been. If this happens to you, use a natural acne serum.

“My skin started to even out after the first week. I had a few more blemishes than I am used to, but they started to clear up as the days went by. I noticed that my skin was softer, smoother, and had a more even tone.”

Why it’s so important to stay moisturized

One of the most important things you can do in the switchover process is to keep your skin hydrated. If you don’t, you may experience more oiliness. This didn’t make sense to me at first, but I have since learned that not moisturizing enough can make your skin produce more sebum.

Why should people make the change?

Changing over to all-natural makeup and skincare products has been great for so many of my customers. They tell me that their skin glows, and they have fewer breakouts. I think that natural makeup can make a huge difference for everyone.

Ready to make a change? Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny can be a guide in helping you replace your dangerous products with healthy alternatives. There are some amazing products available to help you fill up your makeup bag again.