What to do when you feel lost in life and have nowhere to turn

Life is rarely constant. We go through a lot of emotions, trials, tribulations, high moments, and low moments, and sometimes it’s normal.

Through everything you will experience in life, there will come a time when you feel lost. You will feel like you have no purpose, direction, or fulfillment. At this point, you will struggle to understand your environment, circumstances, and emotions.

Simple setbacks will seem connected to your sense of being lost, making you spiral further into the state. The spiraling may affect your confidence in your career, relationships, and growth.

Many people don’t think about it, but it affects them. It is a terrible feeling when life seems to have no meaning and is akin to depression. You won’t like yourself, have no energy for activities, and may feel isolated.

Fortunately, there is a way out of it. Here’s some advice on what to do when you feel lost in life and have nowhere to turn.

Acknowledge it 

Denying an emotion can often result in more harm than good. Acknowledging the problem is one step closer to a solution; remind yourself that it’s okay to feel sad, lost, disappointed, or any negative emotion. Different life events can lead to this, and it is nothing unusual; remind yourself that you’re not the only one feeling like it.

The sense of being lost will occur several times in your lifetime, and it will affect those around you. Realize that the feeling is temporary and that it’s something that you need to work through. Once you recognize it, you can do something about it and move on. After you conquer it, you will become better at handling it in the future and may even be in a position to help someone in your circle through it.

Sometimes, feeling lost is the beginning of a change for you. After you have come through it, you may have made changes in your life for the better. So don’t despair over the feeling; you will come out of it better and stronger.

Focus on your values 

Your low moments are when your values become important. They anchor you to the person you want to be and are the foundation of your character. When life loses meaning, focus on your values. Pick one or two values that you admire and act upon them.

For example, if you believe in giving, you can donate to a charity or spend some time working with them. Rather than focusing on flaws and imperfections, you can focus on the things you’re good at, and that build you; flaws do not reflect your strengths and capabilities.

Choose healthy habits 

Your habits have an effect on your physical, mental and spiritual health. If you have bad habits, they will eventually wear you down. For example, social media consumption can make you compare your life to others, leading to negative feelings if you feel like you match up to the lifestyles others portray.

If social media is your malady, you will need to detox from it and only use it for constructive purposes like learning and connecting with friends. 

There are several bad habits, such as excessive smoking, drinking, and drug consumption. You will always be in a better place if you quit those habits and adopt healthier ones. You can find some habits that will work well for you, such as a workout, gardening, walking, or running. Switch to habits that lead to positive behavior and health.

Talk to someone 

You have the power to overcome the feeling of loneliness, but sometimes you may not have the energy or perspective you need. In those times when you can’t lift yourself, it’s important to turn to family, friends, or seek professional help.

Talking about your problems can help you understand them and solve them. If you allow the feeling to fester, it may get worse and harder to overcome.

If the problem is too sensitive for friends and family, you can use a professional service that guarantees confidentiality and provides you with proven techniques for your specific problem. For example, you can find a drug detox rehab center in Brooklyn to help you through substance abuse and get you back on track.

When you feel lost, find yourself 

Feeling lost can happen after a momentous event like losing your job, ending a relationship, or going through a traumatic experience.

Sometimes it can come out of nowhere while everything else is going great. While the feeling can be heavy, don’t let it get you down for too long. Acknowledge the feeling and deal with it. Once you are out of it, you will enjoy your life once again.