What skills are suited to becoming a real estate agent?

A career in real estate is appealing to many people. Discover the skills you need to possess if you would like to be a successful real estate agent.

As a real estate professional, you’ll have the ability to set your own schedule, earn an unlimited amount of money based on commission rather than salary, and be your own boss. What’s more, you won’t need to get a college degree to pursue this career.

But what do you need to become a real estate agent? Read on to find out the key skills that are suited to becoming a real estate agent.

Technical skills

Nowadays, familiarity with technology is important for any job you might be interested in. As a real estate professional, you’ll need to use technology when communicating with your clients. Although it’s still common to meet clients face to face, they may also want to talk to you online and share important e-documents.

Additionally, it’s becoming increasingly popular for real estate agents to host virtual house tours and use software to help them understand markets and set house prices.

If you’re interested in using technology then working for a technology-driven and innovative real estate broker like Compass would be the best choice for you. Compass real estate has even developed a proprietary app for its agents to help them improve their decision-making.


Naturally, you’ll need excellent communication skills to become a real estate professional. This career is all about working with people and understanding their exact requirements. When you meet with your clients, you need strong communication skills so that you can build a good relationship with them.

This relationship is absolutely essential – your clients need to trust you and you need to ensure they understand what their outcomes are likely to be.


Trust is an extremely important part of the relationship between the client and the real estate professional.

If you don’t have the skills of honesty and frankness, then you could mislead your clients and therefore lose them when they discover this deception. Buying or selling a home is a huge life event, and people want someone trustworthy and reliable to help them during this time.

Negotiation skills

Clients also want a real estate agent who can achieve the best deals possible. To do this, you need to have sharp negotiation skills and strive to get the best outcomes for your clients. This will help you to gain a positive reputation and work with more clients in the future.


Patience is another skill you’ll need to work on in order to become a real estate professional. First of all, it can sometimes take a while to secure a sale, and you shouldn’t be tempted to accept bad deals just to get it over with. Furthermore, building a good reputation and achieving success can take a long time. At the start of your career, you may be working many hours per week and not earning a lot of money. Patience is essential if you want to get through difficult times and slowly progress in your career.

Successful real estate professionals have many skills, but the skills listed above are some of the most important ones you need to have. Try working on these attributes to see if you would be well-suited to a career in real estate.