What not to do during your driving test

If you’ve been practising for your driving test, you probably have been told tips and tricks by family, friends, and the internet.

You may know all the things you’re meant to do (great!) but you may not have thought too much about what you’re NOT meant to do. Your driving test is a big moment for you, so it’s important to know the dos and also the don’ts of taking your driving test.

This is why reputable driving school Beverly Slater is here to tell you what you definitely should avoid doing on the day of your driving test.

Show up unprepared 

On the day of your driving test, showing up prepared is absolutely essential. Making sure you have revised what you need to do gives you a much higher chance of passing your test. But not only do you need to have scratched up on your knowledge, you also need to be physically prepared.

Yes, this means no hangover! Making sure you’re well rested, hydrated, and physically well is just as important as going over your revision notes. 

Not use your mirrors 

Your mirrors are a very important tool for driving. You need to make sure you’re showing your instructor you can use your mirrors properly to assure them that you’re a safe driver.

A common mistake people make is not using their mirrors as well as they should. Pulling over to adjust your mirrors is another thing you should not be doing during your test. Check that your mirrors are positioned correctly before you set off!

Going over the speed limit

One of the most common reasons people fail their driving test is because of the speed they were going. It’s really important to not go over the limit and drive at an appropriate speed at all times during your test. Your instructor will definitely notice if you speed so it’s best to keep an eye on how fast you’re going. 

Turn on the radio or play music

Listening to music is a great way for drivers to relax and entertain themselves on the road. However, music and radio is not to be turned on during a driving test! You may miss any instructions from your examiner, or may be distracted from your surroundings.

Music serves as a distraction, so turning it on during your driving test may give the impression that you’re not fully concentrating.