What kind of lawyer do I need to defend a car accident case in New Port Richey, FL?

In 2023, there were 7,263 car crashes in Pasco County that caused injuries and a further 6,818 fatalities.

Figures like this illustrate just how likely it is that you’ll end up being involved in a car accident at some point. And with 35% of all car accidents caused by the driver being impaired, chances are you could be to blame for the collision. However, liability isn’t always clear-cut, and you may end up being accused when it wasn’t your fault.

If you have been involved in a car accident in New Port Richey, Florid, and find yourself facing legal action, having the right lawyer to defend your case is crucial. But with so many types of lawyers out there, how do you know what kind you need?

Generally speaking, you need a lawyer who specializes in civil litigation. Here’s a breakdown of what expertise you want your car accident lawyer to have the following.

Experience handling car accident cases

First, you want to find a car accident lawyer with extensive experience specifically handling car accident defense cases. They should have represented clients in lawsuits stemming from all types of car crashes – multi-vehicle pileups, rollovers, rear-end collisions, and more.

The laws, insurance policies, and potential strategies differ depending on the details of the incident. An attorney well-versed in car accident defense understands those complexities inside and out.  

Understanding of negligence and liability laws

According to Bill Winters, an experienced New Port Richey car accident lawyer, “many car accident lawsuits allege that the defendant acted negligently, and should therefore be held financially liable for damages.”

Your lawyer needs to be an expert in negligence law and be able to build a compelling argument to fight those allegations. For example, they may argue that you acted reasonably given the circumstance, or that there were other factors outside your control that contributed to the collision.

Ability to investigate accident details

The attorney will also conduct an independent investigation of how the crash occurred. This involves interviewing witnesses, visiting the accident scene, reviewing police reports, retaining accident reconstruction experts, and gathering additional evidence. The goal is to find facts that support your innocence or a lesser degree of liability.

Courtroom and settlement experience

Even the strongest car accident defense cases do not always prevail in court. So, your lawyer should have plenty of experience representing clients in settlement negotiations to help secure the most favorable outcome given the circumstances. However, they need trial experience too for those instances when a settlement can’t be reached.

In short, car accident defense requires a very specialized set of legal skills. You want a lawyer well-versed in tort law, liability claims, negotiation tactics, litigation procedures, and the intricacies of car crash cases.

Retaining an attorney with the right expertise greatly improves your chances of a successful outcome. Make sure to vet the experience, reputation, and results of any lawyer before agreeing to work together on your car accident defense. The quality of your legal defense shapes the ultimate result of the case.

Additionally, it is important to meet with the lawyer you are considering hiring in person. This initial consultation gives you a chance to assess how well you communicate with and feel understood by the attorney.

A strong lawyer-client relationship built on trust and transparency sets the foundation for mounting an effective legal strategy. During the consultation, don’t hesitate to ask questions about the lawyer’s past case results, strategies they may use, and what they need from you to craft a compelling defense. The right car accident defense lawyer for you will welcome such questions.