What is skiplagging? And why can it get travelers banned from flying?

Heard about the new travel trend skiplagging? Find out what it is and why it might get you banned from flying.

In the world of travelers, a new trend known as skiplagging has increasing in popularity and gaining traction – so much so that searches for “skiplagging” increased 166% this week.

What is skiplagging?

Skiplagging, otherwise known as “hidden city” or “throwaway” ticketing, is when a passenger books a flight with a layover at their actual destination, then skips the last leg of their journey. 

This process allows travelers to purchase tickets at a much lower fare, but there is more than meets the eye with this travel hack, which has risks involved as it’s not appreciated by airlines.

Five dangers you can face when skipplagging

Anton Radchenko, founder of AirAdvisor, shares valuable information about skiplagging to prevent travelers from falling for this travel hack just to save a few dollars. Here are five dangers you can face.

1) Frequent flyer account termination

Airlines don’t take kindly to skiplagging. If travelers are caught, airlines can terminate their frequent flyer account, wiping out any accumulated miles or points. This can be a harsh blow, especially for avid travelers who painstakingly collect these benefits.

2) Flight cancellation or voided ticket

If the airline identifies a skiplagging tactic, they can cancel travelers remaining flights or void their ticket altogether. This might put travelers in a situation where they have to buy a direct flight to their intended destination, which can end up costing a lot more than initially planned.

3) Checked luggage complications

Skiplagging is a no-go if travelers plan to check luggage. Their suitcase will be sent to the final destination on their ticket, not the layover city. Plus, if the airline reroutes the flight to have a layover in a different city, it can create a logistical nightmare.

4) Risk of being banned

Perhaps the most severe consequence of skiplagging is the possibility of travelers being banned by airlines. Some airlines maintain strict rules against this practice and will not hesitate to prohibit skiplaggers from booking future flights through them.

5) Travel insurance implications

Travelers who skiplag might run into issues with their travel insurance. Most insurance companies require travelers to follow through on their travel plans and skiplagging can result in voided travel insurance. 

Does travel insurance cover skiplagging? Can you receive compensation if your ticket is voided and flight cancelled if you get caught for skiplagging?