What is ’emotional healing’ and how can it help you enjoy better physical health?

Is your emotional state impacted your physical health? According to healer and emotional drama expert Antonia Harman, the two are much more closely linked than most people think.

In our podcast interview with Antonia she shares how, in order to be physically and emotionally healthy, we need to heal our traumas, identify our emotional triggers and learn how to attract the energy we want.

Here’s what we cover in this episode of the Get Rich Slow podcast:

  • The power and importance of the energy we put out into the world
  • How ‘unhealed’ trauma can affect our lives and our health
  • The three stages of dis-ease and how you can control them
  • A simple process you can follow to identify your emotional triggers
  • An easy daily practice that can help you attract the energy you want
  • What a Harvard study taught us about happiness 

Listen to Emotional Healing with Antonia Harman now

You can listen to the Emotional Healing episode of the Get Rich Slow podcast with Antonia Harman here now.