What inspired these 12 women to start their businesses? (And how that can inspire YOU)

Love the idea of running your own business, but don’t know what you cold actually do? Find out what inspired these 12 women to start their businesses.

Where DO business ideas come from? This is something I often wonder about. The idea behind Talented Ladies Club came from observing problems my friends were struggling with – which highlighted a need for inspiration and advice to help mothers fulfil their ambitions.

Over the past eight and a half years, we have shared dozens of real life stories of other entrepreneurs, and how they came up with the idea and motivation for their businesses too. And all of them are unique. 

Find out where these 12 women got THEIR business ideas from

So if you would love to start your own business, but are either struggling to come up with an idea, or aren’t confident your idea is good enough, I wanted to share some of these stories with you as part of our Start it up! campaign. 

As you’ll see, most ideas came from trying to make the best of a situation, or finding a way to solve a problem they either experienced themselves or observed. And all of these women started businesses with zero experience; just passion and determination. So if they can do it… you can too!

Click on the links below to find out:

How a need for chemical-free cleaning products in their homes inspired friends Caroline and Anita to start MadeKind

How Hannah Chapman was inspired by Instagram posts to leave her job in social media and launch Ava May Aromas

How Julia Cunningham became an accidental chocolatier, quitting her job to start Truffle Witch

How Alexia Genta launched a new (and successful) business, Geraldine London from the literal offcuts of her original business forced to close by Covid

How school mum friends Yvette Stubbs and Karen Skagerlind launched pre-loved consignment boutique Willow & Eve after discovering a mutual passion for slow fashion

How Rebekah Louisa Smith abandoned a career in academia to become the Film Festival Doctor – and relocate to glamorous LA

How a painful experience trying to help her dad pay money into an ISA for her daughters inspired Emma Wallington to create Snowball

How her own divorce in her late 20s ultimately inspired Hayley Bystram to launch the Bowes-Lyon Partnership

How worries her English wasn’t good enough to get a job motivated designer Elif Kose to launch her own fashion business

How lockdown caused Sian Thomas to move back home – and start Hipster Hampers as a way to make money

How to inspiration for YOUR business idea – for free

If you feel inspired by these stories but still need help to come up with an idea for your own business, you can get our free, five-step IDEAS workbook here. In it we guide you through the process of coming up with a viable business idea. It’s the perfect weekend project!

I hope you enjoy reading about these entrepreneurs’ inspiring stories. They always make me feel more uplifted and that anything is possible.

And if you want to find out more about how we can support you as you create your business, have a look at our new Club here.