What happens if you don’t clean your carpet?

Find out why it is important to keep your floors clean, and what could happen if you don’t clean your carpet properly.

If you don’t clean your carpet, the obvious consequence is that your carpet will become dirty. Dirt trod in from outside; dropped crumbs trod into the carpet; pet hairs, and children’s crayons and spills. All of these combine to stain and add grime to your beautiful rugs and carpets.

However, this isn’t the whole story. Because, while you might be able to spot clean stains and vacuum to your satisfaction, there is more going on in your flooring than you might realize. You need to understand the best methods to help keep your carpets healthy and fresh.

Not cleaning your carpet properly could be costly, both financially and with your family’s health. 

If you fail to clean your carpet, what will happen?

Not cleaning a carpet thoroughly on a regular basis allows grime and dirt to build up. This is not the whole picture though. When anything is allowed to build up dirt it will lose its shine and aesthetic appeal.

Over time, your carpet will become dull and less attractive. Yet, you may not notice as this process will be happening slowly in front of you. Your visitors will notice though, and it may put them off visiting.

It could also put off potential buyers when it comes to having viewings for your home. Why? Because dirty carpets don’t only look unappealing, they can also represent health hazards.

Six things that may happen if you don’t clean your carpets

Here are six potential consequences of unloved carpets.  

1) You will provide a home to pests

Dust mites are tiny little creatures who love to make homes in mattresses, upholstery, and carpets. These insect-like pests can grow into colonies of hundreds of thousands. And, while you may fail to see them, sure enough, they are there.

The American Lung Association reports that dust mites can be responsible for causing asthma attacks, and allergic reactions. Thankfully, cleaning professionals will know exactly how to get rid of carpet moths and other pests like dust mites, so in the event of an infestation, it is best to book a treatment to avoid ill health and irreparable damage to furnishings. 

2) You may have problems with mental health

Being sick physically can also take its toll on mental wellness. If your children become sick due to allergens in your carpet, then you may end up suffering from stress yourself from worrying about them.

This is also true if you are the one who is getting repeated allergic reactions that are affecting your health. 

3) Your carpet will have a shorter life

It isn’t just your health being affected by a dirty carpet. Your carpet is suffering too. All that dust, dirt, and grime, will affect the fibers of the carpet. The longer the period is between cleaning, the more wear and tear you will have.

The biggest impact of this is that your wallet will take a hit when you have to replace rugs and carpeting. Carpets are expensive; knowing how to keep your precious carpets clean makes good financial sense. 

4) You will have a weaker immune system

Your environment impacts your general health. Working in an unclean environment can affect your immune system, and your home is no different.

A dirty carpet that is harboring harmful bacteria and toxins will cause problems for your immune system. Not to mention the children and toddlers who are playing directly on the carpet. 

5) You could expose your children to allergens

While we are on the subject of children, just consider how close they are to the fibers in question. Children love to lay on carpets and sketch and color in their books. This exposes them to all the allergens that carpets can hold.

If you have pets then this is even worse. Pet dander can lay in the weave of a carpet, along with ticks and fleas. Your child could be at risk of skin rashes, respiratory issues, and end up sneezing and having a runny nose. 

6) They could reduce the value of your home

If you are in the process of marketing your home, then you have to present the property in its best light. This means everything needs to look clean and proper.

Dirty carpets can smell, and you might not even notice it. You viewers sure will though. Also, dirty carpets can signify some other issues. The potential buyers may start to worry about other issues such as mold. They will also now be concerned about extra expenses with buying new carpets and make a lower offer. 

Do you need professionals to clean your carpet?

You can clean your carpets yourself, but some tasks are made easier by using professionals. Part of the reason for hiring professional carpet cleaners is that they will possess all the tools needed. A simple Google search with the right keywords and your location, for example “carpet cleaning Red Deer” will yield some websites and cleaning providers that you can use. 

Deep cleaning requires specific equipment and cleaning products. By using a good company, you will be able to make sure that only eco-friendly cleaning products are used too.

If you are selling your home, then it could really pay for itself to use a cleaning company. Searching for a local firm, for example; end of tenancy cleaning will find professionals in that area who can provide a full service for homeowners. 

It is wise to keep your carpets clean

Not cleaning your carpets thoroughly exposes them and your family to pests and allergens. It could lead to you losing buyers when selling a home through neglect, and odor issues.

Worse though, not cleaning your carpet could put your and your family’s health at risk. Your carpet may not look dirty, but deep down there could be a whole different story.