What are the hidden meanings in your dreams?

Many people believe that some dreams are more than just ‘a dream’, and that there is a hidden meaning attached.

The believe that sometimes our sixth sense is triggered, and that perhaps our dreams are unlocking meanings in previous experiences, or warning us about something that will happen in the future.

Many people go as far as to keep a dream diary in which they record what they can remember of their dreams the moment they wake, hoping to decode them and perhaps even to understand the meaning of dreams.

Others think that dreams are simply our mind’s way of working through worries and thoughts. That we ‘solve’ problems in our sleep, allowing our brain to ‘close’ them and free up space for new thoughts and feelings the next day. And that we play out these thoughts using images and memories stored in our mind.

The truth is that we’ll probably never know the real meaning of our dreams, and what they represent. But it can be a fun and meaningful journey trying to make sense of them. To help you, here are different types of dreams and what they might mean.

Soul walking

When you tune in to an individual or a real-life occasion to divine the future, it is practically like an out-of-body experience. In some cases, the experience is so genuine that you are not shocked to find that the incident did happen in reality.


Predicting future events can be a little frightening, particularly if the dreams are of bad incidents or accidents. But not every premonition dream, even if it’s unpleasant, means that your dream will literally come true – many uf us dream in metaphor.

A common feature of premonition dreams is that they are persistent. So if you have the same dream three times or more, it might be an indication of a premonition dream.

Telepathic dreams

Images, sensations, and ideas transmitted from person-to-person are often sent out through dreams. Telepathic dreams are best referred to as someone tapping on another person’s psyche.

In nearly every case of telepathy, people who are extremely closely connected can send out feelings and information to each other. Dreams that appear by telepathy are typically transferred by soulmates or twins.

These kinds of high-level interactions are multi-dimensional. A non-verbal language of ideas and images are frequently linked among the two sleeping souls when one of them taps on another through a concentrated force of energy. The dream can feel so genuine that the individual that is getting tapped might feel it physically.

Bear in mind, that in some cases these dreams are deliberately sent out while in other events, there is no conscious effort included.

Insightful dreams

This is where someone acquires understanding far beyond their lifetime. Visionaries and spiritual leaders typically acquire insights in their dreams that are greater than the knowledge of the existing world. Nostradamus is said to have a fantastic insight of occasions, that would occur centuries after his death.

Shared dreams

When the very same dream is shared by two or more people, it is generally believed to be a vision of things to come. Often premonition dreams can be shared through several individuals.

A shared dream, especially a persisting one, can trigger disturbances in your sleep patterns. At times it might even be challenging to sleep wondering whether you’ll have the dream once again.

Lucid dreams

Lucid dreams can vary dramatically. When unexpectedly people experience a vision, they’re often wide awake. These dreams mostly include a trance-like state. Lucid dreams can be stunning and can trigger psychological actions.

Photo by Gregory Pappas