What are the benefits of taking up the AWS training and certification?

Curious about training in AWS? Discover the benefits of AWS certification.

Amazon Web Services or AWS, as it is popularly known, is a cloud computing model that offers services like application and web hosting, disaster recovery, big data storage and backup services. AWS training and certification is paramount to staying relevant in the IT industry, primarily when you work in cloud computing. 

The reason cloud computing is becoming so popular is because of the increased efficiency of its programs and the reduced costs. AWS holds 30% of the market share in cloud computing, making it one of the largest firms on the market. This is the perfect certification to help keep up with the changing dynamics in the IT industry.

Benefits of taking up AWS training and certification

Here are nine of the main benefits of taking up AWS training and certification.

1) Better pay

With an AWS certification course, getting a lucrative salary becomes more of a reality rather than a dream. With the gain in knowledge, you will be eligible for better-paying jobs as well as new avenues will be opened for you. You will have your pick of projects and also have more independence that comes with a better job.

2) Strong future prospects

The early bird catches the worm; with AWS cloud, you will be reaping many career prospects for years to come since it is fast becoming an integral part of all businesses regardless of their size. There are many companies that are investing in cloud security, ensuring wherever you go, there will always be a job for you.

3) Diverse job opportunities

Whether you wish to be a freelancer or an employee, it is much easier to find gainful employment when you have a certification on your CV. When prospective employers see an AWS DevOps Cloud certification, they are more willing to hire you as it is an attestation to the quality of your work.

As a freelancer, you will also be able to participate in big projects because of the certification. This certification is the perfect tool to gain the confidence of future clients.

4) Flexibility

The decision to change careers requires a lot of thought. That is precisely why when you become a certified AWS cloud developer, you do not need to make the decision immediately. Instead, you can choose to utilize the certification later on as it will always remain with you. You can plan for the future today by getting certified in your free time.

5) Increasing demand

Whether or not you want to cash in with your AWS certification, your skills will be in huge demand. There are hundreds of functions that can be optimized by applying AWS services which is why companies are always on the lookout for individuals with AWS training and certification and problem-solving skills.

Over 600 government agencies hire individuals who possess the certification, and many more private firms are also recruiting. 

6) Boost your resume

Nothing can fluff up your resume as much as an AWS certification can. It is one of the most in-demand cloud computing certifications on the market. It gives you a distinct edge over your competitions and makes prospective employers more likely to hire you over someone without a certification. It is also a mandatory requirement for those positions with an AWS certification value.

7) Professional network

After receiving your AWS training and certification, you also gain admission to a global network called the AWS Certified Global Community. This is very valuable as it allows you to network and also helps you share common problems with peers and work together to find innovative solutions.

The possibilities are endless with this community allowing for conferences, professional gatherings and meetups. This community may be more valuable than the certification in the long run.

8) More projects

With an AWS certification under your belt, you will be entrusted with more complex and more significant projects because they have confidence in your ability to get it done. An AWS certification does not only signify proficiency and perseverance in the field. 

It also indicates that you are ready to undertake more responsibility and take charge. You also show employers that you have very high commitment levels as the exam required to receive certification takes considerable amounts of effort and time to clear.

9) Limited difficulties

Since AWS was introduced in 2013, there have been many strides in making the examination easier for potential candidates. This may be in the form of the availability of training centres, white papers and documentation, which make getting an AWS certification done very easy. 

There are also plenty of firms that have taken to the online arena to make the instruction readily available at the customer’s convenience. The flexibility available while applying for an AWS certification makes it very easy to pursue while working or being otherwise occupied.

Is AWS certification right for you?

It may be wise to get an AWS certification to propel your career to the next level. With Koenig Solutions, one of the leading online vendors in IT solutions training, you can invest in the future of your career with multiple AWS certifications.