What are the benefits of pregnancy massage?

Love to feel better, enjoy better quality sleep and reduce stress while expecting? Find out how pregnancy massage can help.

The news of a new pregnancy comes with so much joy. Then comes the following months of swollen joints and sore muscles. Fortunately, many women are beginning to realize the numerous health benefits of pregnancy massage. 

Once perceived as a form of alternative therapy, this massage is increasingly becoming a go-to form of treatment for relaxation and rejuvenation. Here are some advantages of pregnancy massage that you need to know.

It can ease pregnancy heartburn

The later stages of pregnancy usually come with a sluggish digestive system, as your baby absorbs essential nutrients from you. This process may cause heartburn and constipation. Massage therapy can be a great way to encourage transit down the digestive tract and eliminate heartburn. However, it’s vital to ensure that you only book your massage appointment with a qualified massage therapist. 

Fortunately, you can easily book a massage appointment online and enjoy the stress-relieving benefits it comes with. Endotaspa.com.au, for example, gives you the chance to relax, rebalance, and rejuvenate by targeting different parts of your body like your back, legs, joints, forearms, and limbs. 

It stimulates your hormones

Breast massage during pregnancy is a great way to connect with the changes happening in your body. It stimulates the hormones your body needs for childbirth, which is an essential part of preparing for breastfeeding. A breast massage also encourages letdown, and it plays a huge role in expressing breast milk as part of birth recovery.

Other options like breast pumping also help with birth recovery. Fortunately, brands like Simple Wishes have products that assist mothers to express breast milk. This online e-commerce brand specializes in supporting mothers who’re breastfeeding. They make different kinds of special bras like the Simple Wishes breast pump bra, making a pump session easier, simpler, and faster.

It can improve circulation

During pregnancy, blood circulation works almost twice as hard, usually producing leg cramps and swelling of the hands and ankles. Pregnancy massage techniques can be beneficial in boosting blood flow and circulation while promoting muscle strength. It also encourages the lymph glands to be more mobile, eliminating toxins and removing any swelling.

It helps with stretch marks

As your belly continues to grow during pregnancy, the skin stretches, which usually causes tightness and stretch marks. A good massage session with a nourishing oil or lotion can soothe and moisturize the skin. Be sure to use essential oils or lotions that are safe for your pregnancy. 

It improves the quality of sleep

Pregnancy massage can be administered as a gentle deep tissue massage to help offer relief from fatigue. This form of massage is an effective treatment for lack of sleep during pregnancy. This massage improves relaxation and sleep while supporting the overall wellness of the body.

Deep tissue massage helps increase the production of serotonin compounds and melatonin hormone in the body, ensuring that you have a more regulated sleep pattern.

It lowers anxiety and stress levels

The daily burden of pregnancy and the different changes the body goes through can quickly increase the stress hormone cortisol. Pregnancy massage works on all the friction points on the body as well as any soft tissue. That helps to reduce stress and anxiety significantly.

You can also add aromatherapy to massage benefits to provide a holistic solution to stress and anxiety.

Massages are a great way to ease all the aches, nausea, stress, lack of sleep, and other symptoms that accompany this stage in a woman’s life. Considering the multiple benefits that massage therapies bring, it’s well worth booking a regular session throughout your pregnancy but visit only a qualified pregnancy massage therapist or practitioner to do it the right way.