What are the benefits of hot rollers?

For many women, their hair is (literally) their crowning glory, and they’re happy to invest time and money in ensuring it looks exactly as they like.

If your preferred style is curly hair, but you’re naturally straight, one of the easiest ways to achieve the look you want is to use hot rollers.

Forget the image of your granny pottering around with old fashioned rollers in her hair! Today’s hot rollers are modern and on trend, and popular with celebrities – everyone from Lady Gaga to Emma Stone has been pictured in rollers.

So how can you use hot rollers to achieve the look you want? Here are four benefits.

1) You can change up your look as often as you want

Bored of your usual plain, flat and straight hair? Fancy something a bit different? Stylists love using hot rollers for fine hair. Without having to go for permanent hair fixes, you can enjoy a temporary change in your look, especially if you are headed out to a party or a glamorous event.

Hot rollers give you the curls you’ve always wanted, without having to commit to anything as permanent as a perm.

Plus you can experiment with an endless number of looks with hot rollers – just look online for inspiration and have a play. This means you can turn up for work every day with a completely new look if you want!

2) You can speed up your styling process

One of the more common ways to curl your hair is through a flat iron or a curling iron. But, while these gadgets are still very effective, they also take up quite a lot of time – which isn’t practical if you’re busy.

With hot rollers, you can still have that gorgeous wavy hair you’ve always wanted, even if you don’t have time to sit with irons. Hot rollers usually take around 10 seconds to heat up, and a couple more minutes to set. While your hair is setting, you can get on with other tasks, like eating breakfast, preparing your wardrobe, making school lunches, working… pretty much anything you need to do.

You can also experiment with more styles too, rather than sticking to the usual ways to style your hair when you are running out of time.

3) Your hair will have more volume

Do you hate that your hair is so flat? Wish it had more volume? With hot hair rollers, you can easily inject some volume into your hair. Hot rollers aren’t just used to add curls – stylists use them to give extra volume too.

4) They’re kinder to your hair

Any heating device is going to cause some damage to your hair. But with hot rollers, the damage tends to be less.

When you are using hot rollers, the heat temperature is generally less than that of traditional flat irons. Plus, you are also exposing your hair to the heat for less time, as the setting time of your curls is also faster in comparison with that of a curling iron.

Also, when you use a flat iron or a curling iron, there is a tendency to work through the same section of hair a number times to straighten, before curling and setting it.

This means you’re subjecting your hair to even more heat. With hot rollers, you only subject your hair once to the heat and immediately set it. This is why most stylists prefer to use hot rollers.

Could hot rollers be the right choice for you?

When it comes to styling your hair, it can be quite confusing choosing which tool or gadget you should use. From type of gadget, to brand and price point.

We honpethis article has helped highlight some of the benefits of hot rollers, to hep narrow down your choice a little!