What are tarot cards and how do they work?

Thinking of having a tarot card reading? Curious about how it works? Find out how to get the most from your tarot cards.

Tarots cards are a set of 78 special cards used as a tool for people involved in divination.

Tarot has been used since the middle ages in specific cultures, and is still widely used today across the world. Each tarot card is unique, with its own individual image, the stories it tells, and the symbolism embodied in them.

Many people book a tarot reading when they’re facing difficulties in life, or have a problem they need some help to answer. The goal of the reading is for the cards you choose to connect to your higher self in the hopes that they can help bring understanding and more clarity.

The tarot cards

There are different varieties in the number of cards that are included in a chosen deck, and even the illustrations can vary from one maker to another.

But despite this, the types of different cards, their suits, and their meanings are all the same. Twenty-two of these cards are called the major arcana, which represents different principles, ideals, and concepts.

The other 56 cards are the minor arcana cards, composed of four suits that have something to do with a specific approach in life. These represent the problems and trials people have in life.

You have the task of choosing from these cards, and whatever card you pick will have an interpretation and will have a different meaning depending on its position on a spread.

There are different tarot spreads, and the use of a specific one depends on the reader and the specific type of reading taking place. The interpretation then will be read, taking into consideration its position and its neighboring cards.

They could be dealing with your current situation, the tribulations you are going through, your future, and your relationship with yourself and the environment, among others. They could provide some clarity and reflection about your life.

How do tarot cards work?

It is a common misconception that tarot cards tell you what your future looks like. This is not the truth. Instead, the cards are there to provide an insight into the different areas of your life, and give spiritual guidance which can help you to connect with your inner self and wisdom.

Tarot transfers the energy you have into a particular card, which leads to its choosing. The reading of the cards will provide some answers that can guide your potential course of action in the future.

One important thing you have to remember when considering how do tarot cards work is that they are like a picture book that helps you to visualize your life. Your cards are a reflection of you, and it takes wisdom, knowledge and experience to understand and realize the deeper truths that are within each card you choose.

Remember that the future is fluid and that your actions now will greatly impact and change the course of your life. Tarot readings, when taken to heart, can become your guide and support decisions that you make that will shape your life going forward.

The best way to predict your future is to take the best actions in the present. And so, in order to get the best reading to help you, you must focus on focusing the energy in you onto the cards, and feel an energy that pulls you towards selecting a particular card from the deck. Trust your instincts and deeper energy. 

How can you use tarot cards in your life?

It takes a lot of contemplation and deep perception to uncover the deeper truths in your tarot cards.

You have to reconcile the meanings and interpretations and make them relevant to you by digging deeper into your own thoughts and experiences. You need to relate the interpretations to your past, everyday life, and self and understand how they may apply.

It is very important not to take the meaning of your tarot cards literally. If you have questions about a particular reading, it is best to ask your reader for clarification. Take warnings and omens carefully and use them as guidance.

And finally, remember that the outcome you are seeking in life will always depend on your own hands. 

Tarot cards can be helpful instruments in helping people see what sometimes is not realized. It takes openness and a great deal of contemplation to reap the benefits out of this experience, and to make you become more aware of your situation and your true self.