What are autoflowering cannabis seeds?

Recently, autoflowering feminized seeds have become increasingly popular among growers. This is not surprising, as this cannabis variety has many advantages that are worth paying attention to.

Let’s take a closer look at the growing features and advantages of autoflowering hemp.

What are autoflowering cannabis seeds?

This is a unique type of plant that stands out for its quality. It is based on standard marijuana varieties. Flowering can occur even in low light conditions. The plant transitions into it automatically. And this happens regardless of the length of daylight hours.

Autoflowering feminized seeds produce only female plants when properly developed. There are no male genes in them. So only female, non-pollinated plants grow. This is quite a successful result of the breeders’ work. At the same time, care still plays a particularly important role here. Mistakes can lead to the germination of either a hermaphrodite or a male species.

What are the main advantages of autoflowering cannabis?

These autoflower cannabis seeds produce Fastbuds. In addition, after a certain period, this type of plant becomes more resistant to external conditions. The sprout no longer needs as much good lighting, which is critical for other cannabis varieties.

Autoflowering hemp has many other advantages. Among them are the following:

  • Fast flowering period, which lasts no more than three months
  • The small size of the bush
  • Rich aroma and flavor
  • The ability to buy fewer seeds because almost all of them are female plants
  • The harvest has special properties, as it is collected from female unpollinated plants
  • Many varieties of autoflowering hemp have their specific aroma and taste
  • Such plants are more resistant to the negative effects of phytopathogens

Features of growing autoflowering hemp

Before planting seeds, you need to make sure they are of good quality. It must be ripe and properly dried. This is indicated by a rich color and elastic grains that should not be fragile.

Even an inexperienced grower can provide the conditions for growing autoflowering cannabis. However, the plants are still quite sensitive to external conditions, so it is important to take care of establishing the appropriate light conditions. You should also dose fertilizers correctly and prune the branches in time.

After the third pair of leaves appear within 2–3 weeks, the following steps should be taken:

  • Provide air humidity of 60%
  • Create a 12/12 light regime
  • Use a high-nitrogen fertilizer for growing
  • Take care of lighting in the blue range of the spectrum
  • Monitor the temperature regime to prevent overheating

An algorithm for plant care includes the following steps:

  1. Choose the most suitable variety for your needs. There are many of them, and each has its unique features.
  2. Proper soil preparation. There should be a pH balance and ventilation suitable for cannabis plants.
  3. Choosing the optimal distance between plants. They need to receive enough light and be able to grow freely.
  4. Constant care. You need to regularly check the quality of the soil. It should be sufficiently moist and saturated with proper fertilizers.
  5. Control of humidity and temperature in the room. Cannabis plants grow only within the range of indicators defined for them.
  6. Maintaining the quality and quantity of lighting. Although autoflowering marijuana varieties do not require lighting periods for flowering, it is still necessary to monitor these indicators.

How is autoflowering cannabis different from other varieties?

Autoflowering feminized seeds have almost no male genes, which leads to the germination of female plants in 99 percent of cases. Inflorescence develops abundantly on such bushes. And thanks to the Ruderalis genes, the flowering phase of autoflowering cannabis is much shorter compared to other varieties.

The plant automatically enters the flowering stage within 2–4 weeks after germination. This saves a lot of time and effort. Autoflowering cannabis is a good opportunity to get a high yield without having to follow the lighting periods. Other varieties of cannabis, on the other hand, only begin to bloom under certain conditions. For example, the length of daylight hours should be reduced to 12 hours.

What are autoflowering marijuana varieties for?

These plants are used for both medical and recreational purposes. They are ideal for growing indoors because, in comparison to other types of cannabis, this plant is less whimsical and grows faster. A careful grower can get two or even three harvests a year. It all depends on the efforts made and the growing conditions.

The most popular varieties of autoflowering cannabis are the following:

  1. Sour Diesel Auto. Plants of this type are distinguished among others by their high THC content.
  2. Northern Lights Auto. It is mainly used for medical purposes.
  3. Amnesia Haze Auto. This has a calming and sedative effect and is considered one of the strongest autoflowering varieties.
  4. White Widow Auto. The classic strain is useful in the fight against anxiety, stress, and pain.
  5. Blue Diesel Auto. These plants have a good taste and aroma. For this reason, they are often used for recreational purposes.

Autoflowering feminized seeds are a good choice for beginner growers. This type of cannabis is much easier to grow, but it also requires quite a bit of knowledge as the bushes need good care. The result of the efforts and patience will be a high-quality crop.