We’ve launched a club just for YOU!

Ever since we launched Talented Ladies Club, we’ve been asked the same question: “Do you have an actual club I can join?” And finally we do!

As you know, our website is packed with advice and inspiration to help mums launch a successful flexible career, go freelance or start a business. But something is missing.

We’ve never shared any actual tools to help you take positive action towards your goals. The very tools that we and our growing team of international experts rely on to create our own and others’ success.

For a while now, we’ve wanted to give you more – more practical help, more tools, more guidance and more support. So we’ve created a membership club in which we share all the resources you need to take the next positive step on your journey.

And we’ve called it Activate.

What do you get in our club?

Activate is designed to do just what it says – activate your goals and ambitions. We do this through:

  • Helping you identify times to work and set clear boundaries.
  • Guiding you to create goals that are in line with your skills, passions and values.
  • Boosting your confidence with support and motivation.
  • Giving you useful structures and strategies you can easily follow.
  • Providing you with the practical tools you need to take action.
  • Filling gaps in your skills with practical, mum-sized training.

So what exactly is in Activate?

To help us achieve all of the above, we’ve created a number of useful resources and tools within Activate – and we add new content to our club every single week. Here’s what you can look forward to.

Step-by-step guides

So many women we talk to say the same thing. They really want to start a business or blog, go freelance or change career, but they don’t know where to start. And are worried about leaping into the unknown.

So we’ve made it really, really easy for you. We’ve chunked each process down into 24 simple steps – and created downloadable tools to help you complete them. In our club you’ll find:

  • 24 steps to starting a business – from coming up with an idea to finding your first customers.
  • 24 steps to starting a blog – from identifying your target readers to creating a monetising strategy.
  • 24 steps to going freelance – from working out your rate to finding clients and keeping them happy.
  • 24 steps to changing career – from troubleshooting your current or last job to talking your way into a new one.

We’ll also be adding new step-by-step guides later, to help you work through processes like creating branding and marketing strategies.

So all you need to do is follow each step and you have a clear and simple path you can follow, confident that you’re working steadily towards the goal you want.

30-minute training

Often, your journey to your goal will involve learning new skills or knowledge. But if you’re a busy mum you don’t have the time time (or often money) to travel to training courses, or find resources online.

And how many times have you found what looks like a great training webinar, only to waste over an hour learning what you could have boiled down to 10 minutes?

As mums ourselves, we just want to learn – to get useful, practical knowledge delivered in an easy-to-learn way without the fluff. So we’ve created 30-minute training videos that are packed with information and tips you can implement NOW.

There’s no waffle, just great content delivered in mum-sized 30 minute videos that you can squeeze in on your lunch break, during your baby’s nap or before the school run. You can watch them anywhere too – if you have access to a computer or mobile device, you can learn!

Our first training video shares the exact strategy we used to build our Twitter followers from just 400 to over 11,500 in less than 12 months. And we’ll be adding one new video a month – upcoming topics include:

  • Personal and business branding.
  • How to talk your way into the job, business or freelance contract you want.
  • A beginner’s guide to growing your reputation through PR.

Downloadable tools

We’ve used and created a whole treasure trove of fantastic tools to build Talented Ladies Club, and we share all of them with you in our club. Once you join you’ll have access to a wealth of downloadable tools that includes:

  • Cheat sheets.
  • Templates.
  • Tick lists.
  • Guides.
  • Plans.
  • Mind maps.
  • Motivational messages.

These are the tools that you will use to work steadily and successfully towards your goal. Already in the club you’ll find:

  • Our business plan template (with notes).
  • Our one page business plan template.
  • Time to work timetable.
  • Weekly goal sheet.
  • Daily to-do list.
  • SEO cheat sheet.
  • 15 secrets to writing a successful blog.
  • Our half hour a day Twitter strategy.
  • Social media audit cheat sheet.
  • Our marketing plan template.
  • Get started on social media tick list.
  • How to work out your target audience.
  • What’s your USP cheat sheet.
  • How to identify your skills.
  • The six secrets to getting your customers to say YES.
  • And more.

These are the very tools that we ourselves continue to use as we grow Talented Ladies Club, and will help you to shape ambitious but realistic goals for yourself and work confidently and successfully towards them. In themselves, they have a value way in excess of our monthly membership fee, and we add to them every week.

Motivation and support

Before we created many of the tools you’ll find in Activate, we asked mums what they really needed to help them realise their ambitions. And as well as practical advice and resources, so many told us they wanted motivation and support.

It’s easy to feel alone when you’re a mum. Maybe you are actually alone at home for much of the time with a baby or young child. Or you may be out in the world, struggling to resume your career, work as a freelancer or build your own business, but feel as if you’re battling on your own.

In fact, that sense of being the only one to feel like you do – or to face the struggles you do – is the main reason we started Talented Ladies Club in the first place. We too felt alone when we had our children, and it was only by reaching out and building a network of like-minded women (the talented ladies we named this site after!) that we found the support, confidence and friendship we needed to be happy and successful.

Now we want to help you find that too. Through Activate, you’ll join a team of women who are on your side – in our private Activate Facebook group and in our monthly Goggle Hangout chats.

We’ll be here supporting you as you shape your ambition and work towards your goals. We’ll keep you moving through weekly accountability threads on Facebook, and have a team of experts on hand to offer advice if you get stuck. And every month we’ll send you an email packed with our latest tools and words of positive encouragement.

Can you join if you’re not a mum?

All this sounds great, but what if you’re not a mum? Does that mean you miss out?

Although we’ve shaped our content around the needs and struggles of mums, we recognise that these are issues lots of other people struggle with too. So our club is for everyone who needs it – whether you’re a mum (or even a woman) or not, you’re welcome to join our club if you think it will help you.

How much does all this cost?

The value of the content, knowledge and tools in Activate is practically priceless. We ourselves have paid over £4,000 on training and consultancy to learn the skills that we have applied to make Talented Ladies Club such a success.

We share all of these, plus lessons from our own personal experience with you in our club. We also give you access to our brilliant team of international experts, and their knowledge and advice.

And you can have access to all of this for just £14.95 a month right now – the price of just a cup of coffee a week. (You can be a member of Activate for as long as you need – you’re welcome to join for just one month or stay forever!)

Join now and get started on your goals!

So if you’ve been struggling to get started, or have tried to work towards your goals but feel lost or stuck, come and get the guidance, support and tools you need to move forward with certainty and confidence.

Start taking positive action towards the life you want. Find out more about Activate and see what’s inside now!