Welcoming a new you in the new year

Need a fresh start for 2021? Here’s some inspiration to help you welcome in a new you in the new year.

Many of us are absolutely in need of refreshing ourselves and our lives after a very tiring and difficult 2020. However, it can sometimes feel a bit difficult to do this without the necessary self-reflection and impetus to do so.

We don’t want you to force yourself to ‘be new’ if it feels artificial of course, or because you read an article online. We simply want to positively encourage you to think about what could sustain you in the new year, a new year that might be a fresh start for some people despite the difficulties of the last twelve months.

Welcoming a new you in the new year is more than possible, more than pliable, and more than enjoyable to pursue. But how can you pursue it without overextending yourself or making this effort less enticing than it could be in the long run?

Let’s consider that, and consider just what practical efforts might nourish you. Little efforts in self-care and discipline can make all the difference, and we’ll discuss that below:

Switching up your appearance

It can be nice to switch up your appearance from time to time. Changing your hair color and style, trying a new piercing or wearing new nose studs, having a few of your favorite clothing items refitted and tailored, or simply investing in a new outfit for an event can help you feel more proud of yourself, as if you have something about yourself to present to the world.

You do. It can help improve your confidence. It can make you feel grateful. It can also help you feel refreshed, as if the best of your personality can come out. Don’t ignore this wonderful effort, it can truly help you renew your self-image for the better.

Journaling and reflecting

To know where we’re going, we have to know where we’ve been. Taking some time to journal and reflect on the past can be thoroughly useful, particularly if you’re not sure about what direction to follow.

A new you can sometimes simply be a more informed you, one that has learned from the lessons in your life and is willing to move ahead and try new things. Journaling in this way can help you organize your thoughts, even if you’ve never taken part in this practice before.

Making a new start

Making a new start in life is important for all of us now and then. What is this in reference to? Well, anything! Maybe you’ve noticed that your friendship group isn’t supportive at all, and much more concerned with the appearance of being friends on social media rather than actually being connected with one another.

You might wish to move on and retain your dignity, knowing your worth even if others don’t want to see it right now. Maybe you want to stop a hobby you’re not enjoying, and become a novice again, trying once more to fall in love with a passion. Making a new start is not a bad idea, it just takes courage.

With this advice, we hope you can welcome a new you in the new year. Doing so can help us all put a line under a difficult and worrying year.

Photo by Hean Prinsloo