Watch our video interview with Hayley Bystram from the Bowes-Lyon Partnership

How do you find love later in life? Is it possible to get a second, or even third chance? We asked the expert, matchmaker Hayley Bystram from the Bowes-Lyon Partnership.

Finding love later in life is so different from our early 20s. And to some people, it might even feel impossible. Can we even feel the same way, or find someone wonderful a second or third time round?

Hayley Bystram, founder of the elite dating agency Bowes-Lyon Partnership doesn’t just believe it’s possible; she knows it! She’s helped many happy couples find love, working with men and women from their 30s to their 80s.

Watch our video interview with Hayley to find out how her own divorce in her late 20s ultimately inspired her to launch her business. Hayley reveals how to find love in your 30s and beyond, and what’s the real secret ingredient to a happy and lasting relationship.

She also shares the biggest regret many of her clients have about relationships – and why it might not be what you think.

You can watch our interview with Hayley here: