Watch our quick video on using social media in business

Are you using social media for your business? And if so, are you investing your time, energy and even money in the right areas?

Social media can be a powerful way for small business to grow brand awareness, reach new customers, grow sales, and build loyal followings. But only if you get it right!

Watch our quick video now to discover our top 10 social media tips and learn:

  • Why you don’t want to be on too many platforms
  • The two words you need to bear in mind when posting
  • How to save time by ‘harvesting’ content
  • Why you need to act like you’re at a dinner party
  • How to follow the 80:20 rule on social media
  • And more…

Love more help with your social media?

Are you confidently growing your followers and sales on social media with a strategy that’s tailored to your business?

Or does it feel like you’re posting in the dark? Struggling to work out what you should be posting – and when – and feeling disheartened when few people engage?

We see too many businesses invest time and effort on social media with no real reward. Businesses that find it hard to build engaged followings – and even harder to convert their social media activity into sales. 

The simple truth is that social media should ALWAYS repay your time with both long and short term rewards, including greater brand recognition and sales. 

If your social media activity isn’t doing so, it’s time for a new strategy. 

And that’s what you’ll learn in our Social Media Strategy Masterclass. We’ll show you how to plan a social media strategy that’s aligned to your business goals, and tailored for the audience you want to reach. 

So you can start using social media with confidence and, more importantly start getting the results you need from it.

What will you learn?

In our one-hour masterclass we teach you how to confidently plan a social media strategy that achieves your business goals. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The 13 questions you need to ask in order to plan a strategy that works
  • How to identify your top social media priority using a simple exercise 
  • Why quality is more important than quantity when building a social media following
  • The two qualities that you need to make sure that EVERY social media post satisfies
  • Six questions you need to ask when researching your competition 
  • How to work out which social media platform(s) you need to be on (and why it may not be the one you think)
  • How to write your social media story
  • What type of content you need to post, and how frequently
  • How to write a social media SMART goal
  • How to build an engaged following on social media 
  • How to put everything together and create monthly social media timetables.

After watching our masterclass you’ll be able to plan a unique social media strategy that is tailored for your business – one that attracts the right followers and works towards your business goals. 

Watch our Social Media Strategy Masterclass now for £45.