Watch our webinar – how to earn the money you deserve

Would you love to earn more? To ask for (and get) a pay rise? To land higher paying freelance clients? Or to raise your business prices?

All too often women work for less that they’re worth. 78% of companies pay women less than they pay men, and as few as 1/8 of women negotiate their job offers (compared to 50% of men).

Even when women pay themselves, they give themselves a pay cut: female entrepreneurs pay themselves 24% less than their male equivalents and female freelancers charge lower rates than male freelancers, leading to a self-created 40% pay gap.

So what’s the answer? We asked financial coach Jill Davi to share her tips with us. In this live video class, she reveals how we need to:

  • Stop being afraid of asking for a “no”
  • Start negotiating
  • Actually ask for “no”s
  • Ask how we can turn a “no” into a “yes”

She also shares strategies to discover and get better financial opportunities through activities like barnstorming and going on a listening tour.

So if you’d like to get out of your own way and start earning the money you really deserve, we recommend watching the video below, and checking out Jill’s website here (she has a free book you can download at the bottom of her homepage).