Want to sound more impressive? Why you need to stop using filler words like ‘Like’ and what to do instead

You know how, um, when you’re searching for something to, like, say, that’s it’s easy to add filler words to buy you time? Well stop!

Adding in filler words, like ‘like’ and ‘um’, especially when we’re having an important conversation (in a job interview, for example) is very easy. And probably unconscious (when I first started recording videos for Talented Ladies Club I realised to my horror how many filler words I used)!

But according to research, filler words can make you appear less interesting, less assertive, less trustworthy and lazy. Which most definitely is not the impression you want to give in a job interview (or on video).

If you’re ready to start ditching your filler words, take a look at this infographic. While it’s focussed on the word ‘like’, the advice and strategies it suggests are just as helpful for any filler word. You should, like, take our word for it.

Original source for infographic

Photo by Marisa Howenstine