Want beat the bloat and lose inches fast? Here’s how to do it in 14 days

While the sensible approach to weight loss is usually a long-term lifestyle change that involves a healthy diet and exercise, sometimes you need results fast.

And one of the quickest ways to see a difference in your figure, and sometimes even lose several inches, is to eliminate bloating.

So, if you have a specific event you are aiming for, and don’t have any underlying health issues (this is very important), here is a two week plan to beat the bloat and lose inches fast, by Lisa Borg, a Nutritional Therapist at Pulse Light Clinic London.

Step 1) Get started

Begin by measuring your vital statistics and noting them down. Then eliminate all processed sugar from your diet to starve yeasts in your gut, which are fermenting the sugar and releasing gas.

Start to drink eight glasses of boiled water daily (allow to cool but drink while warm). These should be taken first thing in the morning upon rising and between meals throughout the day.

Before 3pm do two workouts each lasting five minutes; anything that raises your heart rate and makes you sweat lightly. This step lasts three days.

Step 2) Cleanse your colon

First thing in the morning eat nothing, and instead stir two heaped teaspoons of unrefined sea salt into one litre of boiling water and keep stirring until the salt dissolve. Then add two tablespoons lemon juice.

Allow the drink to to cool but drink warm and quickly. Then lie down on your right side and massage your abdomen, turning over onto your left while continuing to massage.

Retain the liquid for 20-30 minutes, at which point you will need the bathroom urgently. (You may need to use the bathroom frequently over the course of the day before your colon is empty.) 

Step 3) Organic bone broth fasting

On the same day as your colon cleanse, eat no solid foods but drink as much organic bone broth as you wish. This will nourish your cleansed intestines and heal any excess permeability. Continue your exercise and go to sleep early.

Step 4) Start anew

On day five, eat lightly today, continue to exclude processed sugar and increase your intake of vegetables and proteins.

Increase your exercise on a gradient by adding five minutes every two days to your five-minute workouts until you are managing two workouts of 30 minutes each.

Aim for total one hour per day, four days per week. Short bursts of intense exercise are easier to maintain, better for your body and hormones, and more fun. Continue until day 14, then measure your vital statistics and compare to the start!

Lisa Borg is a Nutritional Therapist at Pulse Light Clinic London which has been specialising in Laser and IPL since 1991.

Photo by i yunmai