Want a pay rise? Here’s how to ask for it

Asking for a pay rise can be daunting, but we live in a world where if you don’t ask, you don’t get. So having a strategy (and the confidence) to ask for a pay rise is essential if you want to ensure you’re earning your worth.

The traditional time to consider a pay rise is during your annual review, if you have one. But if you believe that you’ve grown faster than expected in your role, why wait until your annual review rolls around?

And even if you wait for your annual review, it’s not a given that your employer or manager will bring up the subject of your salary.

Which all basically boils down to one important point: you need to know how to open and successfully manage a pay rise conversation.

Of course, like with anything in life, timing is everything when it comes to your pay rise. If your company has just lost a major client, or a project you’re working on hasn’t gone as well as expected, it’s probably best not to ask for more money.

But if your company has had a good year, or you’ve done something noteworthy then it’s certainly worth opening up a conversation about pay if you haven’t had a raise for a while.

And even if your employer refuses to raise your salary it’s not all bad news. Being turned down gives you the opportunity to ask what you need to do to change that no to a yes – and when you can review the situation again. This gives you a solid plan to follow in order to get the raise you were hoping for.

Alternatively, you may decide that the rejection reflects a general lack of respect or value in your efforts and results, and use it to prompt you to look for a more emotionally and finally rewarding position elsewhere.

So, now we’ve convinced you that you need to ask for a pay rise, we recommend you check out the infographic below for tips on how to actually do it!

(We also recommend you watch our webinar with financial coach Jill Davi in which she shares strategies to earn the money you deserve. You can watch it here right now.)

Guest Post by Armstrong Appointments

Photo by Isaac Cabezas