Visual storytelling: How women can use display art to make an impact

In the world of entrepreneurship, women are crafting their unique success stories, blending creativity and business acumen.

A key element in this journey is visual storytelling, especially through the use of display art. From the clarity of acrylic printing to the bold statements of exhibition panels, display art provides a vibrant platform for women entrepreneurs to express their brand’s identity and values, capturing attention in a visually captivating way. 

The power of first impressions

First impressions in business are often visual, making display art a vital tool for women entrepreneurs.

  • Entrance Statements: Using bold, creative display art in entrances can set the tone for a business space, reflecting the brand’s personality and ethos.
  • Visual Branding: Effective use of display elements like bollard covers with brand logos or messages can create a lasting visual impression on clients and partners.

Telling your brand’s story through art

Display art can be a narrative tool, telling the story of a brand and its journey.

  • Thematic Artwork: Selecting or creating artwork that aligns with the brand’s theme or industry can make the brand’s narrative more tangible and relatable to the audience.
  • Personal Touch: Personal artwork or designs that reflect the entrepreneur’s journey add a unique and authentic touch to the business space.

Using display art in marketing and events

In marketing, visual elements can be as impactful as written content, if not more.

  • Event Standouts: For events like trade shows or exhibitions, standout display elements like customised exhibition panels can draw attention and make a brand memorable.
  • Product Launches: Using visually striking display art for product launches can create buzz and enhance the perceived value of the product.

The role of technology in display art

Advances in technology have expanded the possibilities of what can be achieved with display art.

  • Innovative Printing Techniques: Techniques like acrylic printing offer high-quality, durable, and visually impactful options for display art.
  • Digital Displays: Incorporating digital elements into display art, such as interactive screens, can engage visitors in a dynamic and modern way.

Networking and collaborations through art

Display art can also be a means of networking and collaboration.

  • Artist Collaborations: Collaborating with artists for bespoke display art can not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also open doors to new partnerships and customer segments.
  • Community Engagement: Displaying art from local artists or community projects can foster community engagement and reflect a brand’s commitment to social responsibility.

Budgeting for art in business

Incorporating art into business spaces is an investment. Planning and budgeting are key to making the most of it.

  • Allocating Budget for Art: Dedicate a portion of the interior design or marketing budget for art. Even modest investments can have a significant impact.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Explore cost-effective solutions like prints or acrylic printing which offer high visual impact at a lower cost compared to original artworks.
  • Renting Art: Consider art rental services for rotating artworks in your space, keeping the environment dynamic and engaging.

Art as a reflection of corporate values

Display art can be a powerful expression of a company’s values and commitment to certain causes or communities.

  • Social Responsibility: Displaying art that highlights social issues or supports local artists can demonstrate a company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Artworks representing diverse cultures and backgrounds can create an inclusive atmosphere and resonate with a broader audience.

A canvas of opportunities

In conclusion, for women entrepreneurs, display art is not just an aesthetic choice; it’s a strategic tool that weaves together the threads of branding, storytelling, and impact.

From making a striking first impression with bollard covers to engaging audiences through innovative acrylic printing, the possibilities are as limitless as the creativity and vision they represent.


What are the benefits of using display art in business for women entrepreneurs?

Display art offers a unique platform for women entrepreneurs to visually express their brand’s identity and values, helping to create a lasting first impression, tell their brand’s story, and effectively engage with their audience.

How can display art be used effectively in business environments?

Effective uses of display art in business include creating bold entrance statements, using thematic artwork that aligns with the brand’s theme, incorporating visual branding elements like bollard covers, and utilising display art in marketing and events for standout impressions.

How can display art aid in networking and collaboration for businesswomen?

Display art can facilitate networking and collaboration opportunities by opening doors to new partnerships and customer segments. Collaborating with artists for bespoke display art or displaying community-centric art can enhance a brand’s network and community engagement.

What are some budget-friendly options for incorporating art into business spaces?

Budget-friendly options include exploring cost-effective solutions like prints or acrylic printing, which provide high visual impact at a lower cost than original artworks. Additionally, renting art can keep the business environment dynamic and engaging without a substantial upfront investment.

Nimesh Kerai, the Head of Printing at the Board Printing Company, is a seasoned professional. His immaculate technical proficiency and habit of staying current with the advertising trends have helped the company reach impressive heights in the industry.

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