Watch our video interview with Jo Darling, founder of Menopoised

After centuries of being a hidden secret, the menopause is finally out in the open! So we’re delighted to speak to Jo Darling from Menopoised.

Jo is passionate about using natural medicine to empower women, and is growing a global business that aspires to offer a range of natural solutions to help women.

In our interview with Jo, you can find how she accidentally landed a job in money trading, why it was a tough job for a woman, and how easy it was to lose millions (as Jo sometimes did)!

Jo explains how she then landed a job in the cable TV industry (through sheer persistence), rising from PA to director. And how there has been a running theme throughout Jo’s career has been a passion for standing up for women.

Jo also reveals why divorce has been the main of her, why giving up drinking has given her back so much freedom, why she’s learned that blaming others robs of opportunities to learn and grow, and how you can tell someone is pregnant through their pulse. (Yes, really!)

Jo shares her journey to becoming an acupuncturist, and how treating women with cancer – who were plunged into an immediate chemical menopause – inspired her to use magnets on acupuncture points to help with hot flushes.

It was important to Jo that her solution was proven, so she ran a small trial to determine the efficacy rate of the Menopoised Menopause Magnet. The trial found that 80% of women benefited from a reduction in intensity and/or frequency of their hot flushes and night sweats. (The results were analysed by Sussex Innovation Centre.)

You can watch our interview with Jo here:

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