Video ideas for Valentine’s Day

Want to make a touching memorable gift for your loved one? Here are some video ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Every February, couples are looking for ideal presents to surprise their significant others, and wrack their brains in the attempt to figure out some fresh celebration ideas.

Some arrange romantic getaways to picturesque destinations, others book tables in fancy restaurants, and keen homebodies create amazing indoor picnic date nights.

But if you feel like doing something truly memorable and original on this day, you want to consider making a touching Valentine’s Day video, on which you will do something special for your better half.

But if you’re not much of a creative person, don’t worry. In this article, we’re going to share some inspirational ideas and help you make a creative gift for Valentine’s Day. But before diving headfirst into this process, let’s learn more about the history of the most romantic holiday in the world. 

The history of Valentine’s Day

The history of St. Valentine’s Day stretches back further than you may think. It’s said to go back to the Roman era and the fertility festival of Lupercalia. This celebration was dedicated to the pagan deity named Lupercus, who was believed to be a patron of farmers, harvesters, and wild animals.

Lupercus was also worshiped as a symbol of fertility. During Lupercalias, priests used to pair women and men via a lottery, and many of those couplings wound up marrying. But with the arrival of Christianity, the pagan festival was deemed illegal and those who ventured to break the ban were severely punished. 

Legend has it that the church martyred several men of the clergy named Valentine. And each of those legendary men had their own stories and struggles of love. One story suggests that St. Valentine’s Day was named after an imprisoned priest, others point to a bishop from Terni in Central Italy.

Either way, all of them involve love, prison, and death. According to another legend, there was a holy man who broke the law and married men and women in secret. By doing so, the priest aimed to stop bachelors from being sent to war. However, when the noble priest was captured he was put to death.

Legend holds that the sentenced man had become somewhat close to the blind daughter of his jailor. The priest allegedly managed to heal the young woman of her blindness and even signed a letter to her ‘From your Valentine.’ 

These are just legends, romantic stories that commemorate the power of genuine feelings and selfless deeds done in the name of justice and love. But millions of people on the planet pay tribute to the man who once sacrificed his life for a righteous cause. 

Top five video ideas for Valentine’s Day

Luckily today you don’t need to go to prison for love! Instead you can simply demonstrate your affections with a homemade video. Here are five ideas to inspire you.

1) Make a special moments slideshow 

Even if you’re a new couple, you’re bound to have pictures of you enjoying special moments together. They might be photos from a mutual friend’s birthday celebration, New Year party, or Thanksgiving Day.

Make sure to diversify your collection with different types of photos, if possible. Include travel photos, add some funny pictures from a local fair or beer festival, and don’t forget about romantic photos of you kissing, hugging, or hugging each other.

Your next step is to make a slideshow from your chosen photos. With a reliable video editor, this task can be done in the blink of an eye. You also want to add music to make your slideshow more engaging. You can opt for some random mellifluous melody or pick a particular song suggestive of some happy moments. 

2) Make an infographic video

Infographic videos can be not only ideal marketing tools, but also your chance to visually represent the evolution, transformation, and development of your relationship.

A romantic infographic video is an excellent opportunity to prove to your significant other in some fun and creative way that you two were meant for each other and destined to be together forever.

To produce an indelible effect with your video, include data (some calculation results that allegedly show your 99.9% compatibility or anything of its ilk) and graphs illustrating the predicted growth of your wellbeing and happiness. 

3) Make an interview video 

To make a memorable interview video, consider inviting a friend or another close person to take on the role of an interviewer. They will interview both you and your partner and record your answers.

Prepare the list of questions in advance carefully, and make sure your interviewer asks them in the correct order. You may tell your better half what you thought about them when you first met or saw each other. It’s also a good idea to tell what attracts you to your partner, what particular traits or qualities you like in them, and even what may annoy you.

Note that you’ll also need to answer the same questions. So pick them wisely. If something doesn’t go as intended, don’t worry. You can cut and crop your video to get rid of awkward moments and ensure it runs smoothly. Spice your interview with animated texts and romantic tracks. And add effects to make your footage even more captivating and fun. 

4) Make a recitation video

There is nothing more romantic and cultured than devoting a poem to your loved one. So if you want to express yourself and make your feelings known to the person you love, record a video where you recite a personalized poem.

If bespoke poetry isn’t your cup of tea, you may look for some inspiration on the dedicated websites. There are tons of verses and poems for every taste. But make sure to pick the one that suits your partner.

To make your recital even more effective, avail yourself of pre-made templates most video editors offer for free. Pick a romantic or sensual background, do color grading, make some tweaks to recorded voice, and much more to impress your significant other.

Alternatively, you may record yourself singing a romantic song or even confessing your love to your partner! 

5) Make a find a gift quest video

If you’re into different sorts of quests and adventures, recording a quest video can be the best fit for you. Hide your Valentine’s gift for your partner somewhere in your apartment and provide detailed instructions on how they can find it.

Make an effective intro to intrigue the seeker and supply them with more hints as your partner proceeds with the search quest. Add stickers to create a playful effect. If you’re good at improvising, you may want to act on the spur of a moment and record a video online to share it immediately with your partner and even post it on YouTube or any other social media platform. 

Show your love with technology

Since time immemorial, people have celebrated romantic love and performed feats in the name of their loved ones. In the Information Age with its internet, robots, nanotechnologies, self-driving vehicles, and spacecrafts, such things as romance, courtships, and chivalric feats of arms seem to be somewhat out of place.

But true feelings know no timelines and borders. And technologies can aid you in your romantic endeavors. To create the best Valentine’s Day videos for your sweetheart, take advantage of FastreelAnimoto, and FlexClip.

These are efficient online tools that will help you craft an effective video in the form of an interview, slideshow, quest, and much more in the blink of an eye. Surprise your significant other with an original video gift, the memory of which will never fade.