Understanding the importance of the unboxing experience

When most businesses think of marketing tools, they tend to focus on the practices that drive a customer to their eCommerce store.

However, by focusing on driving traffic to your site, you are neglecting a hugely important part of the customer journey, that is, receiving the product.

This guide is here to help you learn more about what the unboxing experience is and why it is so important.

What is the unboxing experience?

The unboxing experience is quite simply the process of unboxing an order. The unboxing is the final step of a customer’s purchasing journey but usually the first physical interaction with a brand. In recent years, companies have become a lot more aware of the importance of the unboxing experience, and for very good reason.

Why is the unboxing experience so important?

When a customer makes an order, they are setting themselves up for a period of anticipation. The customer has to wait for their order to be delivered; they will likely check on the progress that has been made with the delivery journey right up until the product arrives at their door. All of the anticipations that have built up since the purchase was made will come to a head during the unboxing process.

Soliciting a high emotional state from the customer means that the unboxing experience can be hugely influential. Some of the ways in which the unboxing experience can have an impact include:

Increased perceptions of brand value

When a customer unboxes a product to see a high quality, branded, and beautiful package, they will instantly form a better perception of a brand than if they saw a standard cardboard box. You should work with a packaging company to ensure that you are using the highest quality custom packaging on all orders to improve perceptions of brand value.

Expand your brand awareness

Unboxing is not only powerful because it can have a big impact on the direct relationship you build with a customer, but it can also impact your brand awareness too. Unboxing videos have become a hugely popular form of content on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat. In fact, studies have found that one in five consumers report watching unboxing videos.

It is not only the unboxing video that can help you increase your brand awareness using a high-quality unboxing experience but word-of-mouth advertising. Studies have found that 40% of online shoppers would share an image of their purchase on their social media account if it arrived in high-quality branded packaging.

Build your brand identity

As the online marketplace is becoming increasingly crowded, the need for a strong brand identity is becoming ever more important. Strong brand identity will help you build more meaningful relationships with customers, become more recognizable, and stand out from the competition. Your packaging is another opportunity for your to instill your brand identity in your customers.

Increase brand loyalty

Studies have found that it takes a customer five purchases before they consider themselves to be loyal to a brand. The unboxing experience is just one of the ways that you can offer the customer the highest quality experience, motivating return purchases and increasing the chances of brand loyalty evolving.