Top seven ways to freshen up your office space

Offices, whether at home or at the workplace, are often places that can sometimes feel cold or not very inviting. Here’s how to freshen yours up.

Offices and office spaces are not usually known for being especially comfortable or aesthetically pleasing, but that does not mean they always have to be like that.

Improving your office space, making it fresher and warmer, has many attractive benefits. Changing your office can help you feel more comfortable and more productive. So try some of these seven ideas to freshen up your office.

1) Add plants

Plants provide us with a much-needed return to nature, which can liven up your office space. A little green here and there can go a long way in improving your desk or workspace. Cacti, hanging plants, a little potted plant, there are a lot of choices you can go with to freshen up your space.

2) A standing desk

There are many different desks to consider when planning your office furniture. Standing desks are becoming a popular office feature, and are helping freshen up office spaces in very important ways. For example, it can help your posture far more than slouching at a normal office chair and desk.

Standing desks allow you to get up and adjust your back and keep you from sitting for too long, which has shown to have a bad long term impact for your health.

3) Yoga mats

A small addition can lead to some big improvements. Having a yoga mat at your office space or desk allows you to take a break and help your body stretch and limber up so you are not aching all day at the computer.

Yoga is a good de-stresser too, and it takes as little as 15 minutes of stretching a day to feel a little better.

4) An ergonomic chair

In the same sense as a standing desk, an ergonomic chair offers both functionality and looks. These chairs are much more comfortable than a typical office chair and can give you good lumbar and bottom support to help you feel better when sitting for a long period.

They also come in more designs, colors, and patterns than your traditional office chair, which can make your office space feel less drab.

5) Posters

Posters are a great way to personalize your office space. Posters or other decorative hanging wall ornaments can really make the space feel like yours, and make coming to work feel more fun and inviting. You might even jazz up your office entrance with electric or manual pop-up retractable banner stands to advertise your business’s services and products.

Color is a good way to improve your space too. Bright colors like yellow, red, or orange are good for boosting mood because they represent things like energy, power, or warmth.

6) Extra pens and supplies

How many times do you find yourself getting up because you need more pens, or more paper, or need a stapler? If you are like most people in an office, it is probably several times a day!

Placing some extras of these supplies in your desk or in a storage shelf or unit can help to cut down on all the time you find yourself wasting having to get up and walk back and forth to find that one thing you need.

It is a small change but it should help you avoid having to worry about running out of something as tiny as a paperclip.

7) Keep it organized

Lastly, and perhaps one of the most important ways to freshen up your office space, keep it organized! The amount of clutter in your workspace is going to mess up your workflow and really make it feel claustrophobic.

A cluttered space also makes it harder to find things (which explains the need for extra supplies as well), slows down your productivity, and can throw off your concentration.

Being able to keep everything organized and having a system is a good way to make your workspace more friendly for you and gives you a good excuse to buy storage drawers and other organizational stuff.

Freshening up your office space will help you feel and perform better at work in many ways. Most people would assume it will help with feelings of productivity, concentration or reducing stress, which is right, but it is not the whole story.

Using ergonomic office furniture can benefit your body and reduce workload on it making your happier and healthier overall. In a general sense, changing up the look and feel of your office space is something that you should certainly think about.