Top seven video games with female protagonists

Video games have long been a male-dominated sphere, but there are plenty of female protagonists who star in some of the most popular titles.

These women bring strength, resilience, and courage to their stories. Here is a list of seven video games with female protagonists that all gamers should experience at least once!

7) Tomb Raider

The original Tomb Raider games had a fierce female heroine, but she wore very little clothing and had a lot of breasts on display. Lara Croft has evolved from merely being the “strong female heroine” in the latest iteration of the series to becoming a fully formed character who is imperfect, makes errors, takes chances, makes judgment calls, learns, matures, changes, and eventually becomes a better version of herself. She has a lot of humanity.

There’s a lot of inconsistency in the story, what with Lara becoming emotional about shooting a deer in one cutscene and then calmly slaughtering multiple people with an automatic rifle 30 minutes later, but this is more of a technical flaw than poor storytelling. I still think Lara is great.

6) Celeste

Celeste is a game about anxiety, conquering personal phobias, and progressing through an existential crisis, and it appears it must feature in all of my posts (because it’s wonderful). It has excellent platforming mechanics and, most importantly, a believable and nuanced female lead named Madeline

Madeline’s ascent of the mountain represents the hero’s journey in physical form, complete with growth, learning, fall, and transformation. She’s just a kid trying to make it big for herself and nobody else. This is her attempt to find something which she may take pride in. It’s up to you to get her to the destination.

5) Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

In the Uncharted video game series, the protagonist, Drake, teams up with the grizzled veteran, Sully, to fend off waves of their kind. Fans are obsessed with Nathan Drake and his bromance with Victor Sullivan despite the game’s lack of machismo. The debut of Lost Legacy, a game in which players may assume the role of Chloe, a popular supporting character who can become weary in each series, was met with excitement by fans.

The player gets to experience all the clever banter and teamwork we’ve grown to like in Uncharted games, but this time with two strong women, as Chloe teams up with the sort-of villain of Uncharted 4, the South African mercenary commander Nadine, and sets off on her Uncharted trip. That was a breath of fresh air.

4) Alien: Isolation

Remember Ellen Ripley? One of the most iconic fierce ladies in film history and one of the most awesome protagonists of the science fiction and horror genres of the 20th century. Alien: Isolation is an amazing tribute to the first Alien film in which players assume the role of Ripley’s daughter Amanda.

When exploring the mainly deserted Sevastopol space station, Amanda finds herself in a similar, albeit probably even more perilous, scenario than her mother did. Amanda must use her cunning to outwit her pursuers, including the deadly hunter xenomorph, as she conceals herself, forges weapons, and studies her surroundings. She is just like her mother in every way.

3) Child of Light

This game’s protagonist is more than simply a woman; she’s a little girl who finds herself in a fantastical universe. When Aurora mourns the loss of her mother, she seeks solace in a collection of fairy tales.

This game is a subtle metaphor for the challenges of conquering depression, and it rewards players with a wonderfully designed and animated world full of fairy tale animals and settings that give Aurora the gift of flight and the fortitude to fight back against the darkness of her thoughts.

Again, we have a female heroine who is more than just physically capable; she also has a formidable mind. Since then, Aurora has proven she can weather any storm, including her bouts of despair. In addition to being a lot of fun, the game is also highly recommended for people of all ages because it is one of the few of its kind.

2) Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Hellblade’s Senua, who has many traits with the protagonist of Child of Light but is far more terrifying and threatening, is one of the best female protagonists we’ve seen in a long time. A young woman named Senua struggles with her mental health.

Senua must fight her way into Helheim while being tricked and lied to by voices in her head, demons materializing out of thin air to obstruct her progress, and the reality around her shifting and changing in ways that make use of her senses and logic impossible.

She’s the kind of lady who merits our compassion as much as our acclaim. Her quest is to overcome her inner demons, although it’s never made clear whether or not these are real adversaries or figments of her imagination. Whatever the case may be, Senua’s resilience makes her a groundbreaking female heroine.

1) Horizon: Zero Dawn

We haven’t seen a female heroine like Aloy of Horizon: Zero Dawn in a long time that is as well-received, well-made, well-voiced, and well-implemented as she is. To top it all off, the game she stars in is nearly faultless, and she is the ideal of current female gaming protagonists: young, smart, powerful, charming, resourceful, gorgeous, and tenacious.

A beautiful post-apocalyptic planet populated by amazing machine dinosaurs is Aloy’s birthright, and she must now rule this continent, find out who she truly is, complete her adventure, and help everyone she encounters along the way, from peasants to emperors.

While Aloy fits the mold of the heroic fantasy savior archetype, she is not fetishized, constructed lazily, or patronized in the slightest because of her gender. In addition to being the ideal video game heroine, she also happens to be a woman. There is no one better than Aloy.

Experience a female lead breaking the mold

We have seen some amazing female characters in video games over the years, from Lara Croft and Madeline to Chloe of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Each character has unique traits and qualities that make them stand out amongst other game protagonists.

So if you want to join the fun, go ahead and pick up one of these amazing games, and experience what it’s like to be a female lead that breaks the mold. Or, if you want the hardest adrenaline rush, try a real money live casino game. Either way, you won’t be disappointed!