Top eight unusual places in Brussels

Planning a trip to Brussels and investigating places to visit while you’re there? We look at the top eight unusual places in Brussels.

Brussels is worth the trip because apart from being the capital of Belgium, it is also the unofficial capital of the European Union. You should visit it at least once in your life to see the sights of its magnificent palaces, ancient architecture, unusual fountains, and sculptures. The chic atmosphere of the city is enough to keep you coming back for more.

But as Brussels is a very popular place to travel around, all the popular places have been known for a long time and it happens that one gets tired of reading about them. So today we’re going to look at a list of unusual/unobvious locations and establishments for tourists to go to. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to visit places on the classic program. But before we begin our journey through the heart of Europe, let’s tackle the organizational issue. 

Since Brussels, as mentioned above, is a city that is rapidly gaining popularity, due to the large flow of people – you can run into scammers, such as booking an airport taxi from Charleroi Airport (which accounts for a large flow of tourists).

To avoid this unpleasant situation, you can hire AtoB Charleroi airport transfer and not think about the logistics problems on vacation. After giving you a heads-up and some advice, let’s get on with the journey and look at eight of the top unusual places to visit.

1) The Cantillon Brewery

The Cantillon Brewery a place you can call an airport taxi to after you’ve had enough of the usual holiday program. It’s both a museum and a brewery in one. Here you’ll learn lots of interesting things about beer, the history of brewing, and more.

A big plus is that you can wander around the huge area with kegs of beer for as long as you like and without a guide. The price to enter is very symbolic, equivalent to the price of two glasses of beer.

2) A football match

Not a fan of beer? Why not attend a football match instead. The Belgians are big football fans and on any given day, it is easy to go to a match of one of the Brussels clubs, for example in Lotto Park.

If you prefer, you can take an AtoB airport transfer to the King Baudouin Stadium and watch the national team match. Even for those who have never been interested in football, this will be a new and cool experience. Maybe after this trip, football will gain another fan! 

3) Brussels Vintage Market

This market is truly magical and easy to reach with a Charleroi airport. It is also the perfect place to pick up a gift for a loved one. At the market you will find an unusual souvenir, clothes, or a modern piece of art from a yet-to-be-discovered artist (young designers often sell their work there to gain popularity).

Another unique thing about the place is that you won’t find any popular shops or too may tourists. Instead you’ll be surrounded by the natives of Belgium, so you can immerse yourself in the local culture.

4) Fail!

This very mysterious place is in a museum square, and we wouldn’t hesitate to call it one of the most unique museums in the world.

We advise you to reserve an airport transfer and come here for two reasons. The first is the magnificent exhibits you’ll see at the bottom and walls of the well. And the second reason is the lighting of the well itself. To date, no one has understood how the designers managed to create such an effect, and who knows? Maybe you will be the one to answer that question. 

5) Billiard City

Billiards is an incredibly popular game with millions of fans worldwide. And if you want to try your luck at the sport, then Brussels is the perfect destination as 80% of all billiards tournaments are held here.

When you come to the billiards museum, you’ll remember it for the rest of your life because you can’t find anything like this anywhere else. What other city in the world has a huge statue of a ball in front of an entire museum dedicated to the game?

6) Michelin stargazing

We all know that a Michelin star is a dream come true for any restaurant, because as soon as a restaurant receives at least one star, it rises to the top of culinary Olympus. And Brussels is the city that ranks third in Europe for the number of Michelin-starred restaurants.

So, if you are a food love, make sure you visit some of the interesting local establishments, such as Comme Chez Soi, a very memorable Art Nouveau restaurant. This popular dining spot serves dishes in the best traditions of Belgian cuisine. The name means “Like home” in English, and for good reason, as a very distinguished guest once expressed his admiration for the place with that very phrase.

7) The Fries Museum

Not a fan of trendy gourmet restaurants? Prefer more down-to-earth eateries (but no less delicious) food? What about fries?

Since few people think about the history of McDonald’s when they sit down to eat them, it’s time to remedy that. Rent an AtoB airport transfer and head to the Fries Museum (again, the only one in the world), breathe in its history and learn about the varieties of potatoes, the many cooking methods, sauces, and more.

And here’s an interesting fact: Belgium has a particularly strong culture of food, so there are even entire museums devoted to it, don’t be surprised.

8) Young Gallery

A photograph that stands out is one with a depth of feeling. And if you love photography then you need to pay a visit to the Young Gallery. And not just photography; if you are interested in art, or have just decided to see something beautiful and unusual you’ll love this place.

This gallery is also especially noteworthy for novice photographers, as it offers an opportunity to show yourself off. You will see the best-emerging photographers exhibit six times throughout the year, so if you are keen, why not submit your own work?