Top Christmas gifts for parents

Christmas is a festival filled with family, good food and thoughtful gifts. If you need ideas on what to buy your parents for Christmas, read on.

There are many various ways that people around the world celebrate Christmas. And there are many different types of gifts that are given to parents, especially around the holiday season. These can include everything from cosy blankets and scented candles, to special outings and events.

If you are stuck for ideas on what to buy your parent for Christmas, read on to learn about some of the amazing personalized gifts for parents when it comes to Christmas.

3D crystal piece

If you want to gift something personal and beautiful to your parents, then a 3D crystal must be your top choice. In this gift, you can get a photo of your parents, or a photo of your whole family engraved.

The engraving is done using advanced machines, meaning the results are of the highest quality. And the best thing about this gift is that it can be used as a home décor item and does not take up too much space. This gift can also be used as a Christmas decoration, to be taken out and admired every year.

If your budget does not stretch to allow you a 3D crystal piece and you would like something beautiful and unique, you can instead gift your parents a personalized keychain or necklace. This way, your parents can carry a part of you with them wherever they go.

Customized blankets

Looking for other ideas for personalized gifts for Christmas? Want to preserve memories for this you love and let them know how special they are to you? Why not gift them a personalized cushion or blanket? This way they can think of you every time they cuddle up in front of a festive movie or with a hot chocolate and good book.

A customized photograph book or sheet

If your parents don’t use cushions and throws, why not give them customized photograph books or sheets instead? This can also work as a thoughtful and treasured gift if you have a tighter budget.

If you have some budget you might want to order a printed photo book. These are really easy to make online: you upload your photographs (you can scan and upload pre-digital photos) to a file and add them to your book. When you are happy with the results, you choose your finish and the book is usually with you in a few days.

If your budget is really tight, or you would like to make your gift extra personal, you can make a photo album or sheet yourself. Just print out the photos you want to include and add them to an album or crate a personalized sheet with messages and memories.

It may not cost a lot to create and give, but will be one of the most precious gifts you can give, and one your parents are guaranteed to treasure for many years.

A beautiful diary or calendar

How do your parents plan their schedule and keep track of any important dates coming up? If they use paper diaries or calendars, this can be a good idea for a smaller, practical gift.

Think of their interests and tastes and search for a diary or calendar that they will love. Today there are diaries and calendars for every interest and budget. From beautiful leather Filofaxes they can re-use every year, to calendars catering for every hobby. You can even get calendars printed with personalized photos on, so they can think of you throughout the year.

Think about how busy your parents are when choosing a diary or calendar for their Christmas present. If they have busy lives, they may need a diary that gives plenty of space every day to write on. or a calendar with lots of writing space. But if their life is quieter, a smaller diary or calendar will suffice.

A wooden key holder

What does every house have? Keys! We have keys for doors to our home. Keys for work. Keys for our car. And it’s all-too easy to lose our keys if we aren’t careful.

So if you are looking for a practical but thoughtful gift, why not buy your parents a wooden key holder? This way they can think of you every time they hang up their keys… and thank you when they know exactly where their keys always are!

A spa day

Do your parents love spa treatments? Or do you they need to unwind and de-stress? If so, why not consider gifting them a spa day? Find a lovely spa near them and purchase them a voucher.

Spas aren’t just for women – modern spas offer a range of treatments including massage that everyone can enjoy. They also promise a day of escape with a pool, jacuzzi, steam rooms, chairs to relax in, beautiful scenery and a delicious lunch.

A much-needed day spent in a luxury spa can seem like a holiday, and leave your parents feeling more calm and happy. And what better gift can you give them than that wonderful feeling?