The top 10 funniest Zoom backgrounds

Want to add a little humour to your video calls? Here are the top 10 funniest Zoom backgrounds.

Zoom virtual meetings are a reality of working life for millions of people today, and it is entirely reasonable to assume that some of you out there will already have become blasé about the benefits that this platform brings to the table.

To spice up your next get-together, why not consider switching up your background choice for something that will raise a smile? Here are just 10 options to consider if you need inspiration for your video conferencing chuckles.

1) Private jet interior

There is nothing more preposterous than the idea of entering a Zoom meeting and pretending that you are living the superstar lifestyle by calling in from onboard your very own private jet. This is just one of hundreds of Zoom backgrounds available to download from this company.

2) Yurt

Get the glamping lifestyle and convince your colleagues and pals that you are out in the wilderness, at one with nature, rather than curled up at home, by switching your background to feature the view from a sustainable yurt.

3) Famous landmarks

Recreate that famous Wayne’s World gag by changing your background to imply that you are halfway up the Eiffel Tower, sitting on the Great Wall of China or hunkered down under next to Uluru. Choose a few and flick between them for virtual high-jinks aplenty!

4) Movie scenes

Inserting yourself into a scene from an iconic movie is straightforward thanks to Zoom’s background-changing capabilities, and if you want to take this a step further you could even dress in a costume that fits the flick you are emulating, whether it’s Goodfellas or Dirty Dancing.

5) Retro memes

Make yourself a living meme with a Zoom background based on your internet pop cultural touchstone of choice, whether that might be Keyboard Cat, Star Wars Kid or Sad Keanu. Once again you will get even more of a reaction if you dress for the part.

6) Wacky animals

Everyone loves animals pictured doing something silly, and the internet is awash with literally millions of images of this genre. This could make for both the funniest and least controversial option for a humorous Zoom background.

7) Tropical paradise

The tropical paradise is a staple choice for a Zoom background, so there is nothing intrinsically funny about it. However, you can make it your own by joining the meeting with a beach scene behind you while wearing a pair of sunglasses and sporting a garish Hawaiian shirt.

8) Coral reef

Like the tropical paradise background, the humour you derive from being superimposed onto a picture of a coral reef needs to be generated by you, the meeting participant. Pretend to hold your breath, wear a scuba mask or simply douse your hair with water before you join for maximum effort points.

9) Video trickery

If you have skills with editing software, you can take advantage of the fact that Zoom allows you to use video files as backgrounds in meetings. Create a clip which features a little CGI manipulation, or simply record a static shot of your real-life room and make it look like you have a twin.

10) Running track

Get into your jogging gear, slap on some sweatbands and stay energetic throughout the meeting by setting your background to a shot of a running track. This will be all the funnier if you are not normally known for your love of physical exertion.

While these ideas for funny Zoom backgrounds may seem outlandish, they can be helpful when it comes to keeping you connected with friends, family and colleagues as well as tackling the effects of working in isolation that are on many people’s minds at the moment.