Five tools that are transforming the workplace

The digital age has enabled businesses to change their operations for the better. By using the right tools, companies can improve communication, management, profitability, and much more.

Here is a look at five tools that are transforming the workplace.

1) PDF conversion tools

Seeing as the Portable Document Format (PDF) can be opened on any device and operating system, it is no wonder that it has transformed how workplaces operate.

You can easily share PDF files with colleagues via email or the cloud. However, the one drawback of PDFs is they are non-editable without the use of Adobe programs.

Thankfully, these days users do not need to invest in Adobe software to edit the content of PDFs. Instead, they can simply use an online conversion tool like PDF Simpli. You can convert a PDF to any type of document easily and quickly while keeping the formatting completely intact. You can even add an electronic signature.

2) Project management software

Managing projects has become increasingly complex in recent years. The complexity can lead to large projects finishing past their due dates or running over budget.

However, project management software can help. Project managers and teams can collaborate and meet deadlines easily with the help of project management software. The many useful functions of the software include time tracking, task distribution, resource planning, budgeting, and much more.

Types of software include enterprise project management software, visual project management software, marketing project management software, and bug tracking software.

3) Recruitment management tools

Recruiting new members of staff can normally be a lengthy and challenging task. It is vital you choose the right employees as they have a direct effect on your company’s performance, profitability, and corporate culture.

Today, it is easier than ever before to make the right recruitment decisions thanks to recruitment management tools. The tools enable you to easily share CVs with colleagues, and you can comment, post interview-feedback, and organize the next steps of the recruitment process more easily, enabling you and your colleagues to make more informed and collective decisions.

No longer do you have to spend valuable time sifting through CVs and interviewing candidates that are not qualified or suitable for the position.

4) Smart virtual assistants

Smart virtual assistants can enhance the digital work environment in many ways. They can answer questions in real-time, handle operational logistics, organise your schedule, automate your daily tasks and more.

Smart virtual assistants use machine-learning algorithms to compile data and continually enhance their capabilities. They even include artificial intelligence to anticipate your needs and make operations more efficient.

5) New generation intranet platforms

The days of intranets with long lists, static pages, and no option to collaborate and customize belong to the past. The new generation of intranet platforms enables businesses to transform their operations in many ways.

Modern intranets feature functions like integrated content management tools, an intelligent global search engine, a multilingual interface, manageable permissions, and real-time communication.

The new generation of intranet platforms facilitate both internal and external communication, and departments like internal communications and human resources can easily collect, store, and centralise data to significantly enhance employee engagement, improve productivity and create a strong company culture.