Tired of your mobile phone provider? Here are a few reasons to switch

Not pleased with your current mobile phone provider, but not sure what to do? Here are a few good reasons why it may be time to switch.

At one time or another, every one of us has been unhappy with their mobile phone provider. Hopping from one carrier to the next can sometimes seem like a good fix (especially if there’s no contracts and you can keep your existing phone). Yet, inevitably, the same problems will often arise.

Is it too much to expect reliable, fast, and cheap phone service? If you are tired of the shuffle between the big name providers and are contemplating a switch, here’s a few good reasons to make the move. 

Keep it, or not

When mobile plans first began, the major roadblock to switching carriers was you would have to replace your device – in other words, your number. At that time, most of us were locked into contracts at least two years long, so we would have to live with whatever phone we picked at the time. 

Now, there is cheap phone service available that allows you to keep your phone, and number – or not. Having the flexibility to make that decision could really be a huge selling point in getting customers to switch providers. 

For obvious reasons, many of us want to keep our number because our friends, family, and usually business contacts tend to end up on the same line. You may even have certain accounts or apps tied to a phone line so switching is more than just a little inconvenient. Memorizing a new number is also a lost art for many of us – but in our defense, they change so frequently nowadays, we are lucky to remember our own.

On the other hand, if you’ve ever been the victim of robo calling, you may just need to scratch a mobile number and start anew. You may even opt for a new line for business purposes (more on multiple lines in the next section). 

It also goes without saying, once you find an actual device/phone that you love, you do not want to give it up just for cheap phone service. Verify that any new provider you consider allows you to keep your phone in addition to the number, and is compatible with the network you want to be connected to. 

Whatever you decide, if you do decide to switch providers, check on their flexibility with your device and number before you jump ship. 

Family plans

These days, having a mobile phone is just as much a necessity as a car or health insurance. If you have more than one or two people in your household, the costs to equip everyone with a phone can be enormous. Luckily, cheap phone service is possible with family and annual plans from certain providers. Usually, if you buy one phone and line, each additional one you add is less expensive. This makes it possible for every member of the house to be connected. 

A family plan doesn’t have to be used in the traditional sense either. For example, you can use a multiple line plan to add a business phone. This allows you to have control over data and your account all in one place, but separates your personal phone from your professional line. 

Also, some family plans allow you to purchase a full year instead of having to worry about a monthly bill. This often cuts down on the costs considerably. On average, a family plan will save you between $5/15 less. That may be the best reason to switch providers yet. 

Goodbye contracts

Believe it or not, signing a contract really doesn’t mean you get a “free” phone. We usually prefer to keep our own anyway, so that it is rarely a motivating factor to switch providers. No one wants to be boxed in by a contract, especially if you find out their coverage doesn’t suit your location or lifestyle. 

You will definitely want a cheap phone service that doesn’t require a contract. Even if you get an annual plan, a good provider will allow you to “cancel anytime” – and actually mean it. There are even mobile phone providers, like Red Pocket Mobile, that allow you to keep your current coverage! Hassle free is the best way to go, so seek a plan that fits you at any stage. 

Cost is still the number one reason that people switch mobile phone providers. Everyone is in search of a cheap phone service for themselves, business, and family. We just don’t want it to cost a fortune.

Luckily, if you want to say goodbye to contracts, have multiple phone lines and flexibility over what phone you use, there are mobile providers out there that will serve you well. There is no longer a reason to stress about sacrificing service by switching to a cheaper phone service.