Tips from the DaBest experts for women on how to get back in shape after childbirth

Most women hope to get back into shape after childbirth as soon as they can. However, it’s not always easy to find the time and energy to do so.

That’s why DaBest experts have come up with a list of recommendations on regaining fitness under time constraints due to the need to take care of a baby. So, let’s look at this advice in more detail.

What DaBest experts recommend doing first

Initially, it’s noteworthy that women may start training after about six weeks after they have given birth to a child. However, you should previously consult with your doctor before embarking on any strenuous exercise plan. Or speak to your health visitor if you have one.

Also, many women need strong motivation to get back in shape after having a child. That’s partly because women have too many activities to do during the daytime and don’t sleep enough at night. As a result, they are usually too tired to perform things unrelated to children’s care.

In this case, specialists advise visiting special parent portals (like These sources typically publish loads of motivational information for new mothers, as well as list contacts of the best gyms with good trainers that can help you regain fitness shortly. Of course, you should choose coaches who are able to come up with flexible schedules for each young mom.

Find good nannies to help you gain spare time

Usually, new mothers can devote several hours to themselves during the day. However, being home alone, moms should still be available for their babies anytime. So, there is no possibility of going somewhere out in this instance.

To resolve the mentioned situation, DaBest experts recommend hiring babysitters. Nannies should have relevant experience, though. That’s because sitting with newborn babies requires certain specific skills. Like in the case of fitness motivation, you also may find trustworthy nannies at parent portals.

Find a good gym

Of course, you may work out at home. Nevertheless, DaBest experts advise doing sports at gyms. This allows for achieving the following goals:

  1. De-stress through a change of scenery. Going to the gym isn’t certainly different from a tourist trip. But such an “adventure” is still fine.
  2. Talk to live people on subjects that aren’t related to babysitting. This assists in distracting from daily routine.
  3. Doing a walk sans a stroller with the baby inside. Of course, if going on foot to a gym isn’t too tiring for you.

Yet again, you may find good sports halls with the necessary equipment for new mothers and subscriptions at a reasonable price situated nearby on parenting portals.

How should young moms train?

Today, it’s popular to assume sports supplements when working out to achieve better results. New moms aren’t recommended to take specific sports nutrition, though. That’s particularly essential for breastfeeding mothers. Your baby may have an allergy because of that. Furthermore, you shouldn’t follow strict diets to lose weight faster. Simply balancing your diet is totally enough. Find a trusted nutritionist to develop a healthy eating menu.

Finally, don’t work out too intensively. Typically, trainers recommend giving 80% effort in training to ordinary people. If a new mother spends much energy sitting with her baby, 60% will be entirely enough to get this mom started. And it’s better to pay more attention to posture exercises at first. Don’t forget to discuss all the described recommendations with your physician. Be fit and have a good workout!