Tips for using bold colors and patterns in home decor

Do you love color? Bold colors and patterns are some of the most eye-catching home decor trends today. But how do you know what to use for your space, or if it will even work in your own home?

In this article, we’re breaking down the best tips and tricks for using bold colors and patterns in your interior design.

There are a few ways to use bold colors and patterns in your home decor. They can be used as focal points, accent pieces, or mixed with other neutral colors for an eclectic look. Bold colors and patterns have a way of drawing attention to themselves. Here are some tips for using bold colors and patterns successfully.

A bright front door

If you’re trying to create a welcoming feel, try painting your front door bright pink. It’ll stand out from the rest of the house and give guests something fun to look at when they arrive. Paint your door a color that contrasts with the house; maybe a deep, dark red or even an apple green looks fabulous. It also makes your home stand out in the entire area.  A bright color attracts everyone and makes your home beautiful and unique.

A bold front doormat

If you have a big, bold front door, make sure your mat reflects that! This is also the perfect way to welcome visitors. You can find all sorts of interesting mats – from geometric patterns to animal prints and everything in between. If you’re not into any pattern at all, just paint it bright red or you can use overdyed rugs of small size on the front door for an extra pop of color.  You can also have a bold and beautiful front door with curtains. 

Bold colors in the living room

You can also use bold colors and patterns in your living room. Adding pillows with different shades of blue, green or red is a great way to punch up the look of any couch set without spending a fortune on new furniture! You can also find plenty of fabric from which you can create curtains that have fun designs but are still soft and cozy. 

Bold patterns in bedroom decor

The bedroom is another great place to use bold colors and patterns, especially if you want a room that can double as a statement piece or true refuge from the outside world. You could try something like bedding with stripes for your comforter on one side of the bed and chevron pattern on the other. You could also add some polka dot pillows to your bed for a more fun, youthful look. The best way to bring color to a room is using some colorful area rugs and mats.  

Combine patterns and textures

Mixing textures is great for adding visual interest to a room. You can also combine patterns that share similar colors or just go wild with a pattern like zebra stripes. It’s all about what suits you best! Combine two different fabrics together in one area, such as the sofa – this will give a unique and chic look. If you are a fan of patterns, then you must try mixing some in with your color scheme. 

Liven up a boring room with bold textures

You can add texture by painting the walls in different finishes like glossy paint for an updated look. Add textured fabrics such as velvet if you want to make that area more luxurious or glamorized or give it a royal look. If you have a lot of art pieces on your walls, consider grouping them together in one area. 

A bold rug

It’s not always easy to find a rug that will match your home decor, and while you can’t just go out and buy any color or pattern of rug for fear it’ll clash with the rest of the house, there are some alternatives. One option is going bold – using a dark red oatmeal wool area rug or an overdyed rug for a vibrant yet classic look. Rugknots is full of variety when it comes to size, shape, color and style. 

Dinnerware patterns

Choose patterns for your dinnerware wisely. They should complement or contrast other textures and colors in the room where you’ll be using them. When it comes to mix-and-match sets, choose one pattern from each of the following groups: neutral, funky, traditional. For an elegant look in the dining room or kitchen, choose plates with a pattern that matches your tablecloth and drapes.

How can you add color to your home?

Bold colors and patterns are the best way to decorate your home. They can make any room feel more vibrant, energizing, or even calming depending on what mood you’re trying to set in a specific space.

If you need something relaxing try blue or green tones that evoke feelings of calmness and tranquility while also making any space look bigger than it is. As always do some research before diving into anything new so there aren’t any surprises when it comes time to paint!