Tips for the savvy 20-something

Like all the books, TV shows, and movies will tell you, your 20s are the most exciting time of your life. This is the time to explore new places, learn about yourself, and find your passions.

Your 2os are the time to be free and wild while also establishing yourself as a true adult. But this time can often be a bit confusing to navigate. Your first time out in the world on your own brings a unique set of challenges and questions that you may not be able to answer right away.

For the savvy 20-something, you’ll understand that life is a grand journey and it’s all about finding the people and things that bring you joy along the way. Here are some extra pieces of advice for 20-somethings during this time of your life. 

Get in control of your finances

Financial stability is something so many people are working to obtain. Getting control of your finances is the best way to establish some freedom to do the things you enjoy. This can happen in any number of ways. Trying to pay off your debt is a big one. Investing in a savings or retirement account. Making sure you have an appropriate credit card with low annual fees and good bonus points. 

As a cardholder, you have the ability to pay off your debts quickly and raise your overall credit score. The best credit cards in Canada help Canadians get on top of their credit history while growing more capital. You can even use a business credit card to help grow a small business or work in the public sector. 

Find a career you’re excited about 

Up until your 20s, you’ve spent almost all of your life in school. Once you graduate high school or college, a whole world of career options is at your fingertips. This is the time to find and invest in a career that actually excites you. That may mean further schooling like getting a masters in public administration or pursuing a specialization program or internship. But this is an exciting time to find those opportunities that truly interest you. Go after what you want and find a great career you can build. 

Only invest in the people that deserve it

So many individuals grow up trying to be people-pleasers. Your 20s are a time to truly invest in forever friends and meaningful relationships. Maybe this is with your closest friends or maybe you are looking for that perfect mentor. Remember, it’s a good idea to protect your energy and invest in people who deserve it. 

Become your own best advocate

While you may have many people looking out for you and supporting you throughout your life, you are always going to be your best advocate. Learn how to pursue opportunities and paint yourself in the best light. Ask for what you deserve and make a decision never to settle. 

Do things just for fun

There’s a lot of hustling going on in your 20s. You’re trying to get the perfect job and earn a good living and further your career the smart way. All those things are vastly important, but it’s also good to take a break sometimes. It’s okay to do things without an alternate agenda. Take the time to do things just for fun and enjoy life in your 20s. 

Learn to love yourself first

It’s hard not to give in to the pressure of watching everyone settle down, get married, and have families right out of college. However, your 20s are a great time to be alone and really learn to love yourself. Take the time to grow and enjoy the wonderful things that make you, you! When you love yourself wholeheartedly, the rest will fall into place.