Tips for sleeping through hot summer nights

Dreading the long, hot summer nights to come? Get a head start on a good night’s slumber with these tips for getting to sleep on warm evenings.

Sorry Game of Thrones, but summer is coming. This means sun tanning, BBQs, and a bucket load of sun cream.

But while the sun may be fun in the day time (it also gives us a healthy dose of vitamin D), at night it can be a completely different matter. So as well as our tips on how to avoid sleep deprivation, we thought it may be a good idea to look at some helpful tips at surviving those sticky, sweaty summer nights.

Air and water

It’s suggested that around 19°C is the optimum room temperature for sleeping. So make sure you either leave your window(s) open while you sleep, or at least open for a few hours before you hit the hay.

Drinking a glass of icy water (or an iced tea version of your favourite herbal drink) can help to cool down your body temperature before sleeping too.

Check what you’re sleeping on (and in)

Cotton sheets are generally okay to sleep on. However, sheets and blankets made from modal are a fantastic option as the material is said to be one of the best moisture-wicking fabrics available.

Derived from the cellulose of beech trees, modal sheets are water-absorbent, thin, but still very comfortable. Make sure you’ve also switched your duvet to a thinner, lighter option, and stored away your winter duvet for now.

Another option is muslin bedding or baby muslin blankets for adults, which are made from a comfortable, lightweight material that can regulate body temperature so that it’s neither too hot nor cold during those summer nights. 

Your mattress can also play a big part in keeping your body cool. Modern memory foam mattresses (like this one from Eve) are highly advanced and contain miniature cooling air holes and materials that help to regulate your temperature. (We love this review of the Eve mattress – check out their unique delivery method!)

It may seem obvious, but tight, heavy clothing, such as pyjamas made from fleece or wool, are definitely not recommended on balmy nights. Like blankets, cotton is passable, and silk and bamboo are other recommended options. But wearing as little as possible is your best bet to a trouble-free sleep.

Unique summer sleeping hacks

You’ve probably heard many old wives’ tales about tricks for staying cool when sleeping, but here a few methods worth trying out if you’re still at a loss for what to do:

  • Point your fan to blow hot air outside your window, rather than moving around the hot air in your bedroom.
  • Alternatively, you could place a large bowl or pan of ice water under a fan, creating a makeshift air conditioner, as the fan will produce a refreshing cooling mist.
  • Pour cold water into a hot water bottle (crazy, we know), put it in the freezer, then place it under your pillow or sheets for a nice cooling effect.

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