Tips for dealing with your online competitors and how to keep your audience coming back to you 

Worried your competitors may steal your business? Here are four tips for dealing with your online competitors and how to keep your audience coming back to you.

Sometimes, running your business online can feel more like fighting on a battleground. Nearly every company has a website these days, and the number of online companies has increased over the past several years. The competition can make it challenging to get your audience’s attention and keep it amidst a sea of competition. 

When the going gets tough in the online business world, you have to get a little clever and re-think your marketing tactics, audience, and competitors’ strategies. Here’s how to do it!

1) Keep an eye on your competitors

It can be irritating to see how a competitor brings in more of an audience than your website. However, this is an opportunity for you to learn what works and what doesn’t. 

If you see a competitor try a particular marketing tactic that seems to attract an audience, consider using a similar strategy to boost your online foot traffic. 

For businesses enrolled in Amazon’s FBA program, it’s also worth investing in FBA seller tools like Viral Launch and looking for discounts on the tool, like this one from Project FBA. FBA seller tools offer features such as competitor intelligence so that you can figure out how to beat out your competitors. Remember — it’s okay to be a little sneaky and spy on the competition! 

2) Understand and engage your audience 

Not every audience is the same — every buyer either has a goal or a want. Your job is to recognize who your business appeals to and find a way to attract this particular audience. 

Research customer behaviours to understand what motivates your audience the most. Find out what pushes them to click “Buy Now,” and then structure your marketing plan accordingly so that you are fully engaging with your buyers based on their wants and needs. 

3) Be original

While it’s beneficial to pay attention to trends and keep up with what your other competitors are doing, it’s also important to be original. So brainstorm ideas and get creative with your advertising and marketing style! 

Sometimes, it’s easy to stick to the current trends so that you don’t spend too much time creating a new marketing plan that might fail. But remember, with every selling trend proven to work — someone came up with it first!

There are always new ways to engage and attract customers, so don’t be afraid to try something new. 

4) Customer care is everything

Having a top-notch marketing plan and advertising regularly only gets you so far. The most successful way to ensure your business is at its finest is by practising customer care. If a buyer has a good experience buying from your company, they are more likely to keep coming back.

Some companies look nice and shiny on the outside, but they flop when it comes to customer care. Buyers appreciate quality service, and this can set you apart. 

Be flexible with your return or exchange policies and use a quick delivery service, but above all — establish customer loyalty. Unfortunately, online businesses often fail in this area because there’s a lack of one-on-ones with customers. 

Use email, social media, and other forms of messaging to connect with customers. Many online businesses skip this step, but you’ll build your customer satisfaction by doing so!

Ready to watch your business soar?

Fighting the online business battle can be tricky when there are so many competitors, but if you take the right steps in appealing to your audience, your business will flourish. 

It will take time and patience, but by practising these steps above, you can continue to promote your business with confidence regardless of your competition!