Three ways you can use our Plan Your Year Masterclass to make money

Love more sales this year? Here are three ways you can use our Plan Your Year Masterclass to make more money in your business.

How has the year been so far for you business-wise? Has it lived up to your expectations? Or fallen short? And whichever way it’s gone, how are you going to ensure that 2024 is YOUR year?

If you want 2024 to be the year your business generously repays you for the time and effort you put into it, then we recommend investing in our Plan Your Year Masterclass.

The class makes it REALLY easy to plan your sales activity for the year, month-by-month. And as anyone who works with me will know, I firmly believe that:

If you want sales you have to DO sales!

Too often we avoid the S word. But sales are nothing to be afraid of. And in fact, they’re the lifeblood of your business: if you don’t have sales, your business will die.

So, to help you look forward to a year of healthy sales, here are three ways our Plan Your Year Masterclass will help you make more money this year – whether you’re a freelancer, or product or service-based business.

1) We make sales easy… not scary

When we conducted our BIG Business Survey last year, probably the biggest and most surprising learning was how few people are comfortable with sales. In fact, only 3% of business owners and freelancers who responded to the survey said they were actively using any form of a sales funnel.

And this is costing them very dear: the 3% of entrepreneurs who are using a funnel were all in the top earning brackets.

So how can you join the 3%? Building a consistent funnel of sales is much simpler than you may think. You just need to understand the sales journey and ensure you have content that attracts the right new customers and clients, and nurtures them through to purchase.

And that’s just what we show you how to to in our Plan Your Year Masterclass. Our video lesson explains the sales journey, and how to plan an easy, always-on sales approach.

Then, once you’re comfortable with the idea, you can use our Sales Calendar Worksheet to plan your sales activities month-by-month.

By the time you’ve finished you’ll feel much more comfortable and confident with the idea of selling, and be doing it naturally every single day, with carefully planned months of activity that look like this:

And if you DO sales properly, then it’s inevitable that you’ll get them… and make 2024 a much more financially prosperous year as a result.

2) We show you how to set monthly money goals

There are few things more powerful in business than setting yourself money goals. To give you an example, in November 2021, towards the end of the month I realised I was just over £600 short of the goal I’d set myself.

I didn’t have any projected sales coming in, nor any sales activity planned so I had two choices: resign myself to falling short that month, or coming up with a sales idea… fast!

I chose the latter and quickly brainstormed a mini Black Friday sales campaign for our masterclasses. And it worked! Despite a technical glitch with the coupon codes (everything is a learning experience in business…) we ended the month just £25 short of the goal I had set.

And that is the power of a goal. Had I not set myself a profit goal for the month (as I do every month) then I would probably just have been happy at the sales we’d already made. And the business would have been £600 poorer.

This is why our Plan Your Year Masterclass helps you set a series of goals for your business. The Plan Your Year Workbook guides you through a series of questions to help you set a SMART business goal for the year.

And our Sales Calendar Worksheet encourages you to set monthly money goals for your business – just as we do. It doesn’t stop there: each month we show you how to plan out the sales activity that will actually help you REACH your money goals.

And finally, this year we have added TWO new, done-for-you financial spreadsheets to make it really easy to set and track goals.

You get our monthly profit and loss spreadsheet, with a video on how to use it. Plus we give you another sheet that shows you how to set three financial goals, and then automatically calculates for you how close you are to them, what you need to charge, and how much you need to save for tax etc.

These are the exact tools and principles we use to run our own business, and that have helped us grow spectacularly in sales AND profit, year-on-year. And we created our Plan Your Year Masterclass to help you do the same.

3) We give you certainty in an uncertain time

If there’s one thing that’s certain about 2024, it’s that none of us can predict what will happen. After two years of Covid and the war in Ukraine, much of the world is living with and preparing for financial uncertainty.

And when all around us in chaos, it’s even more important to return to good business practice. Because in abundant times, anyone can get lucky. But in hard times, it’s the businesses who are agile, resilient and well run who will survive. And we want to ensure you are in this number.

In a world of uncertainty, our Plan Your Year Masterclass gives you something concrete to work on. It’s based around good business principles – business and sales planning for the year ahead. And it teaches you a healthy approach to sales.

So whatever happens in the world, you’ll know that you’re giving your business your best. You’ve set SMART goals to work towards, and you have sales activity planned out that aligns with these goals and is based on ‘acquisition and nurture’ best practice.

You’re not tricking people into parting with their money. You’re growing mutually beneficial relationships with people who need and love what you do, and are happy to buy from you. People who actually look forward to your sales communications and buy from you again and recommend you.

THIS is the foundation of a long-lasting, healthy business that you love to grow and run. And that is exactly what our Plan Your Year Masterclass shows you how to build.

So while the rest of the world may not know what it’s doing next, you’ll confidently have your year mapped out, knowing what you want to achieve, and how to get it.

And if the worst happens and you have to revise your plans? Then you’re perfectly equipped to do so with the knowledge and tools our class give you.

Are YOU ready to make more money this year? We’d love to help you

Whatever business goals you’ve set for yourself in 2024, we want to help you achieve them. That’s why we created our Plan Your Year Masterclass. And we’re delighted at the feedback we’re already getting from people who have invested in it. Here’s what one business owner has said:

And the great news is that you can buy the Plan Your Year Masterclass right now and get immediate access with this link.

You get lifetime access to the class too, which means you can use it again every year… making it probably the best investment you can make in you business.

So come and join us inside right now, and start planning for a profitable 2024.