Three ways you can treat your mum this Mother’s Day – wherever you are

Looking for ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day? Here are three ways you can treat your mums, wherever you may be. 

They may be deserving of gratitude and special treatment all year round, but there’s one day every year when we formally celebrate everything our mums do and mean to us. And that’s Mother’s Day.

However, it can be hard to think of ideas for ways to show how much our mums mean to us. What can we buy for them? What should we do?

To help give you some ideas (or maybe to help you make suggestions to your own children!) here are three ways you can treat your mum on Mother’s Day, however far away you may be.

Give her a gift she’ll treasure

Mothers give so much to us, and we all know there’s nothing material we could ever give them to repay their love and care. But that doesn’t mean we can’t show they how much they mean to us with a physical gift.

Some of the most wonderful presents are things we love, but could never justify (or think about) buying for ourselves. So consider a treat or luxury that your mum would love.

Does she have a favourite scented candle? Is she coveting a particular perfume? Or would she just treasure a beautiful bunch of flowers? Just because you may not be able to hand her the gift in person doesn’t mean you can’t send her something special, or order a gift online to be delivered to her.

The most important thing here is thought: spending the time to consider what her needs or likes are. The gift doesn’t have to be expensive if you’re on a tight budget, just thoughtful. Because you can pretty much guarantee that, from home made jewellery boxes made at school, to giving a fancy mug, she’ll have kept every gift you’ve ever chosen or made for her, just because it’s come from you.

Give her a call

You may not be close enough to actually hand over your gift in person, or drop in to wish her a wonderful Mother’s Day. If not, you can be certain that a call from you will be her favourite gift.

Just hearing your voice and having a chat will put a smile on her face, and she’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness in making the effort to call.

Arrange a date

If you can’t make it in person, you can make her day by arranging a belated Mother’s Day on a date you can be with her in person. And just because it’s not on the official day, doesn’t mean it can’t be just as special.

Make sure you get a date in the diary, and plan plenty of treats for her – from lunch at her favourite restaurant to spending time on activities or pastimes you love to share. This could be a walk by the sea or around the garden, playing Scrabble or simply sharing a good bottle of wine.

The point is to give her the gift of anticipation. So even though she may miss you on the official Mother’s Day she knows she can look forward to a precious day together in the future.