Three useful storage solutions for people living in Phoenix

Do you have more ‘stuff’ than space, but don’t feel ready to get rid of any of it yet? Read on for three useful storage solutions for people living in Phoenix.

If you live in Phoenix, like any other part of America or the world, you will know how hard it can be to accommodate every single item that you own.

We continue to collect items throughout our lives and never want to make the final decision to dispose of them. This can be for sentimental reasons, because we have inherited them, or that we intend to keep the item while we wait for it to appreciate and provide a return on our investment.

Looking for storage in Phoenix is easy because the process can be initiated online. You just need to consider how large a unit should be to satisfy your ongoing needs and then make sure that it is temperature and humidity-controlled. As you will discover soon, this will be important. 

1) Use self-storage units

There is no better way to store our surplus items than to rent a self-storage unit. It means that we do not have to make a decision right now about what happens to our items. It might be that we will always want to keep what we have grown attached to. It may be that the items are just out of season for the moment. We may be waiting for a special occasion to wear that special dress or pair of shoes. Anything we do not use or need at the moment can be stored safely and preserved inside a self-storage facility.

The advantage of self-storage units, apart from the space they provide, is that they are generally temperature and humidity-controlled. This means that your items can be stored at a constant temperature and the correct one to best preserve them.

Antiques, furniture, clothes, leather, and toys are susceptible to mildew and mold when they are stored in humid environments. Temperatures ranging from between 35 and 75 degrees with 55% humidity or less are considered ideal. Self-storage unit providers will consider this when setting their temperatures. This can be better controlled than at home if we are looking to preserve an investment piece. Certainly, your item will be better off than if it is stored in an outdoor building such as a shed or garage.

2) Double-up furniture

An effective way to save on space is to double-up the use of furniture. In other words, a trunk with a flat top can store items inside it while being used as a tabletop to eat off or play games. It could, instead, have ornaments displayed on it. This is useful when the items stored inside are not needed all that often.

The item of furniture that is less useful, but perhaps inherited, can go to self-storage where it will be perfectly safe. It may one day be needed for a son or daughter to set up their home.

3) Invest in fitted wardrobes and kitchens

Any situation where something is described as “fitted” will be about saving on space. A house that already has a wardrobe inset will immediately save on space. Anything that sticks out is taking away floor space.

A fitted kitchen can easily be added later to a home. By having all the appliances and cupboards fitting closely together, much space can be saved and generated. We will make use of every space and be able to store more of our kitchen utensils and crockery. It is, however, recommended that any crockery inherited is kept in a self-storage unit to save it from getting broken when it will only be carefully used for special occasions.

A combination of fitted wardrobes and kitchens and self-storage space will be the answer to decluttering our home in areas where it is known to get cluttered.

The three ideas above should ultimately provide you with more freedom within your home. It will mean that you are less likely to trip up or damage an inherited item that need not be on display or stored within your house. We welcome effortless ways to declutter our home to enjoy life with more freedom. Cleaning our home can be made easier and we can feel less boxed in.