Three tips to help you get your digital marketing strategy right

Love to reach more customers and convert them into sales? Here are three tips to help you get your digital marketing strategy right.

Digital marketing is essential for increasing brand awareness, growing a loyal audience, and boosting sales. For example, did you know that 37% of online shoppers say they look at social media for inspiration when they’re ready to make a purchase? This is higher than any other form of media.

That said, it’s easy to spend a lot of time on digital marketing – and get it wrong! So it’s important – rather than just wading in and having a go – to actively plan a strategy based o best practice.

This way you’ll maximise the chance of seeing a return on any time, money and effort you invest in digital marketing. And to help you, here are three tips you need to ensure your business stands out and stays ahead of the competition.

1) Devise a customer acquisition strategy

Acquiring customers at the top of your marketing funnel is a key priority if you’re an entrepreneur looking to grow your business. However, it can also be difficult and expensive.

Indeed, the cost of acquiring customers has risen by  50% over the past five years. So it’s important that you have a well-considered plan for customer acquisition; one which focuses on building audience engagement, as advised by Marketing Santa Barbara.

Outsourcing to an agency can be a great way to devise an effective strategy that helps you win customers and boost your bottom line. Often, a winning customer acquisition strategy involves rigorous testing and optimization to attract as many new customers as possible.  

2) Prioritize one social media channel

One of the biggest mistakes we see small businesses make is trying to be everywhere at once online. But using several different social media platforms to market your business runs the risk of spreading your content strategy too thin.

Instead, it’s far better to focus on one social platform, and to identify which one suits your business best. For example, Instagram and Pinterest are great for highly visual, image-rich content.

Instagram also lets you post short videos which can be great for increasing the know, like trust factor and building engagement. However, if you’re looking to drive traffic back to your blog, Pinterest is more effective.

Facebook is another popular platform for building an engaged audience, promoting your business, and boosting sales. Bear in mind running a Facebook Group will be more effective than a business page due to recent algorithm changes. 

Whichever platform you choose, make sure it’s where your customers are, and is the platform they’re using when they’re thinking about, or open to hearing about, your product or service.

3) Don’t be too salesy

The biggest mistake you can make in your digital marketing strategy is being too salesy. 

57.5% of people find it annoying when brands post too many promotions. So, instead of actively trying to drum up sales, focus on building relationships with your followers.

How can you do this? It’s easy. Reply to their comments and questions. Show them you genuinely care and want to help them. And post useful content, which provides valuable information and promotes your products or services without being pushy.

This way, you’ll build trust with your audience, and they’ll naturally want to buy from you. 

Perfect your own digital marketing strategy

Growing your business with digital marketing isn’t easy. However, it’s crucial for boosting online visibility, leads, customers, and sales. These tips will help you perfect a digital marketing strategy that sets you up for business success. 

Photo by Christina @ wocintech