Three things to do when preparing for a date

So you’ve arranged to go on a date. It’s exciting but also daunting – will you like each other? Will you have plenty to talk about… or will you sit in an awkward silence?

As with many things in life, how you prepare for a date can influence its success. Not just because you’ll be better equipped for it, but the more confident you feel, the more likely it is that you’ll relax, be yourself and enjoy your date.

So how can you prepare for a successful date? Here are three things you can do.

1) Dress for the occasion

It may sound obvious, but what you choose to wear for your date depends on the plans you’ve made. For example, if you’re going skiing then you will need to dress for the cold, but a ski suit would look ridiculous at a romantic dinner!

While you want to make a good impression – and choose an outfit with that aim in mind, it’s also important that you feel comfortable. It can be nerve-wracking enough meeting a potential new partner without squeezing yourself into an outfit that is uncomfortable.

It’s also important that you feel like ‘you’. What you wear should reflect who you are. If you’re a jeans and trainer person, for example, then tottering in unaccustomed heels and a sheath gown will probably put you on edge, and make it harder to really be yourself.

You’ll also be giving your date a false impression of who you really are. You want them to get to know (and maybe even fall in love with) the real you, not an impression you create that you won’t be able to maintain long term.

So choose an outfit that fits the occasion, makes you feel comfortable and reflects your real personality.

2) Pamper yourself

Going on a date should be a fun experience. And not just the actual date – preparing for it should be a wonderful experience too… especially with the anticipation of a lovely time to come.

So pamper yourself. Run a candlelit bath if that’s your thing. Listen to your favourite music and take your time as you get ready.

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3) Go over what you may talk about

Many people can feel nervous about keeping a conversation going and knowing what to ask about on a date. What if you have nothing in common? Or the conversation dries up into awkward pauses and silences?

There are a couple of things that can help with this. The first is not working yourself up into a panic before the date! If you worry that you’ll have nothing to say, and start playing over a worst case scenario in your head, then you’ll just end up so nervous that your nightmare could become a prophecy.

Instead, expect that things will go gloriously well. Imagine meeting and finding conversation easy. Picture your date happy and interested, and the talk flowing easily. This will help increase your confidence and positive expectations.

Some people can also find it helpful to think in advance about what they might talk about. Have some stories ready, and find out as much about your date as you can so you have some relevant questions prepared, or some background knowledge about what they do or their interests.

If nothing else, a small amount of preparation can help to ease your pre-date nerves. You may not need any of your prepared stories, questions or knowledge, but if it makes you feel more confident, you’re more likely to have a successful date.

Photo by Jonathan J. Castellon