Three tasty ways to use freeze dried fruit in everyday snacks

Love to find an energy-boosting snack for you and your family that’s both delicious and healthy? Try these three tasty ways to use freeze dried fruit.

If you’re looking for new ideas for tasty, healthy and convenient snacks for you or your family to nibble on during the day, freeze dried fruits are an excellent option.

You’ll find plenty of websites that sell a huge variety of snacking options. One such site is Paradise Fruits, who offer a wide range of products – from freeze dried apples to apricots, prunes and even kiwis.

Three tasty ways to use freeze dried fruit in everyday snacks

But what can you do to turn freeze dried fruits into an easy-to-make snack that you (and your kids) will love?

Here are three easy to make examples of the deliciously healthy kind of snacks you can make with freeze dried fruits from the Paradise Fruit product range. But feel free to experiment! Freeze dried fruits can be used for a wide range of tasty snacks. Speaking of a tasty snacks, a high protein snack will easily fill your stomach up. You can order premium beef jerky and savour the flavorful jerky.

1) Bake a batch of snack bars ready for the week ahead

Granola bars and ingredients, white wood background

Freeze dried fruits work really well as an addition to cereal bars and biscuits. For example, dried strawberries can be added to ordinary shortbread recipes, adding a little zing.

You could also add cranberries to macaroons as a complement to coconut or combine a few fruits with oats to make a batch of crunchy cereal bars.

Why not bake a boxful of bars on Sunday and have them ready for the kids to take to school every day? That way, you can make sure they have the energy they need to concentrate and essential nutrients too.

2) Create chocolate and fruit delights

Candied Orange Slices Dipped in Chocolate

You can also add freeze dried fruits to liquid chocolate to make healthier, fresher tasting party snacks.

One great idea is to coat dried cherries in chocolate. Just dip the cherries in liquid chocolate and bake them on waxed paper until the chocolate is nice and firm, then put them in the fridge.

Another popular snack is chocolate covered orange. Just dip dried orange slices in melted chocolate and leave them to set. It’s also a great way to get kids to eat their vitamins.

3) Prepare dried fruit and nut balls

Quick engergy snacks with dates pistachios and sesame seeds

Another great snack is fruit and nut balls, and they’re incredibly simple to make. Just mix up your favourite dried fruits and nuts in equal measure using a food processor.

When you’re finished, take the mixture, add a dash of salt and press into bite-sized balls. Finally, coat them in sesame seeds.

The resulting balls are a nutritious accompaniment to tea and coffee at any time of day, and can be kept in the fridge all week to add to kids’ lunches if required.

The healthy way to boost your energy!

Because of the high energy content of dried fruit and their rich nutrient content, all of these snacks are ideal for people with busy lifestyles.

So if you need a mid-morning or afternoon pick-me-up, forget about chocolate bars or crisps. Combine healthy eating with a little well-deserved decadence by baking some tasty snacks using freeze dried fruit.

Please note, this is a sponsored article. But we’ve tried these recipes ourselves and can verify that they’re delicious!