Three reasons why sewing is a skill everyone needs

In today’s tech-driven world, it seems like learning basic skills such as cooking, budgeting and sewing have fallen out of fashion.

Britain’s youth are apparently choosing not to learn the essentials that can help them to survive in the real world. In a recent survey, 78% of secondary school teachers in England said that their school offers programmes to improve life skills, but only 8% of students take part in these activities.

And while some may see cooking and money management as a necessity, sewing, in comparison, almost seems like a long-lost art.

However, learning this particular skill can be very rewarding, and more importantly, it’s something that can benefit you in all stages of your life. Here are three reasons why everyone should learn how to sew.

1) Sewing saves you money

One survey found that, in 2017, British people ended up binning clothes worth £12.5 billion instead of repairing them (or donating them to worthwhile charities).

It seems like young consumers may opt to throw clothes away just because they’re torn or missing a few buttons, But in the long run, this type of behaviour is expensive. Throwing clothes away that just need a simple repair is also wasteful and harmful to the environment. 

By learning how to sew, you can do basic sewing to rescue your clothing using a sewing machine. Beginner’s models are quite affordable, and it’s cheaper to get a machine to fix your clothes than it is to replace them.

Even doing some simple hand sewing can save you money in the long run, as having trousers professionally shortened can cost about £10, while resewing buttons can cost as much as £1.50 per piece. 

2) It’s handy in an emergency

Pretty much everyone has experienced a fashion mishap at some point. Think of a time when your seams split, your favourite trousers ripped, or a button came off your shirt.

Learning how to sew can save you from an embarrassing fashion emergency, and ensure you’re well put together at all times.

This is why, as well as a makeup kit and everyday supplies, it pays to have a tiny sewing kit in your purse at all times. You might need to do some quick stitching on the fly while you’re at work or on a date.

3) It’s a great expression of creativity

Once you’ve got the basics down, you can have some fun with sewing projects. You can make anything from doll clothes for your child’s fashion doll, to pillow covers, a makeup pouch, or a pencil case. Or, if you’re feelog more adventurous, even make your own clothes.

You can use sewage to express your creativity, and give your creations as unique, personal gifts to family and friends.

To learn how to sew, start with the basics and buy some needles, threads in different colours, and fabric for practice sewing. Learn the basic stitches and, once you’ve mastered them, try sewing using a machine.

Eventually, you’ll find that sewing is not only fun, but it’s a priceless skill to have, a craft that will serve you well for the rest of your life.  

Photo by Volha Flaxeco